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Hong Kong at 6-week high as investors look to Jay Powell’s first presser as Fed chair


World’s largest independent oil trader says the price is ‘hanging in there’

Nervousness over protectionism emerges as asset managers worry global economy is slowing

A faster pace of US rate rises will have ramifications for Hong Kong and its currency

President of agricultural processes unit says making money through grain sales is ‘over’

Investors take heart from Brexit transition deal and await to hear from BoE

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Tail Risk Roger Blitz

Pivotal week for sterling as Bank of England meets after economic releases

The FT’s newsletter on the world of investment

Larry Fink’s firm hopes to build a ‘quant’ powerhouse through its active equities arm 

The FT’s newsletter on the world of investment

While a widening in a key spread does not portend doom, other indicators need watching

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