Riesling rising

‘The summer of 2015 was so warm and dry that vintners worried the vines would “shut down” and the ripening process stall’

Jancis Robinson

A titan of terroir

‘Dubourdieu has often been ahead of his time. The mantra now is “wine is made in the vineyard” — it wasn’t then’

Jancis Robinson

The grape detective

‘Torres began a quest to rescue Catalan grapes from various points on the spectrum between obscurity and near-extinction’

Jancis Robinson

Food-friendly rosés

‘I am increasingly enthusiastic about those rosé wines that are bone dry and not too light to stand up to a wide variety of foods’

Jancis Robinson

In search of the real Champagne

Edward Behr meets two of the leading exponents of ‘grower champagne’, producing a terroir wine whose appeal is its direct connection to nature

Japanese wines

‘The new wave Japanese wines are very much in the same idiom as natural wines, being light-bodied and often relatively crisp’

Jancis Robinson