• Moscow Diary: Edward Luce

    The FT columnist on a ‘polycentric world’ and Russia’s restrained mood in light of Trump’s victory

  • Kazakhstan Diary: Lionel Barber’s 7 days in central Asia

    The FT editor gets a sense of a nation on the move, with its people eager to escape a savage Stalinist past

  • Calais Diary: Peter Frankopan

    The author plays cricket in the ‘Jungle’ with minors who want to reach the UK

  • Stockholm Diary: Madhumita Murgia

    The FT’s technology correspondent chases Swedish unicorns and discovers that the Scandinavian city has gone cashless

  • Florida Diary: Courtney Weaver

    The FT’s US political correspondent visits a battleground state in the US presidential election

  • Russia Diary: Charlotte Mendelson

    On a visit to Russia, the novelist makes new intellectual friends and wants to cry as she sees so much beauty

  • Accra Diary: Maggie Fick

    The FT correspondent learns that young Ghanaians are trying to shape the future in spite of forces they have less control of

  • Corfu Diary: Frederick Studemann

    The FT’s comment and analysis editor remembers with pride one of his family’s more notable ancestors

  • Amazon Diary: Misha Glenny

    The UK journalist on Brazil’s evangelisation, cyber technology, university of crime, and the Amazon’s wanton destruction

  • The Diary: Josh Spero

    The FT’s deputy special reports editor on watching Wagner’s ‘Ring’ and visiting Bishop Auckland

  • The Diary: John Kampfner

    Night after night, the champagne flows as corporates vie for the glitziest party on the beach or, better still, on the yacht

  • The Diary: Robin Lane Fox

    My 44-year-old eider duck sleeping bag is my long-stop in life, even if the pound collapses next week

  • Singapore Diary: James Crabtree

    The visiting research fellow on his first Shangri-La Dialogue, China’s island-building in Asia and the Funtasy Island spat

  • The Diary: Philippe Sands

    The law professor on his lecture at the Hay Festival and why he is hopeless with faces and names

  • The Diary: Jeremy Paxman

    The FT’s contributing editor on how the European referendum has energised people, the growing elderly population and fishing

  • The Diary: Ruchir Sharma

    The author on Indian politicians, Turkish politics and the city with the second-best food

  • Seven strange days in North Korea

    The FT’s Asia editor on his visit to the hermit kingdom

  • The Diary: Jan Dalley

    On a visit to New York, the FT’s arts editor contemplates the architecture and attends the Frieze art fair

  • The Diary: John Paul Rathbone

    FT’s Latin American editor on endearing Spanish nicknames, and the Hispanic voters’ view on the US elections

  • The Diary: Izabella Kaminska

    The FT Alphaville reporter on attending a shadow banking workshop and speculation on the Bitcoin inventor’s identity

  • The Diary: Hedley Twidle

    The South African academic and essayist on the Zeitz MOCAA museum and Africa’s only nuclear power plant

  • The Diary: Alec Russell

    The Weekend FT’s incoming editor on tech wizardry, wacky theatre, billionaires, palatial gardens

  • The Diary: Jeremy Paxman

    The FT’s contributing editor on having his phone shut in the fridge and spectacular buildings with nothing much inside

  • The Diary: Jonathan Ford

    The FT’s chief leader writer on the Wentworth golf club row and his dismay over a new internet craze

  • The Diary: Rory Bremner

    The political satirist on making fun of George Osborne, being around the ‘bitterati’ and the pro and anti-EU arguments