What it means now to be a man

Is traditionally ‘male’ behaviour just a set of bad habits? William Leith on the new literature of masculinity

Are parents trying too hard with their children?

We may think we can shape our offspring’s futures by micromanaging their childhoods, but history — and neuroscience — show that taking a loving step back could be more productive

Golden years

In Rio, records will fall and reputations will be made. But are the Olympics losing their ability to inspire?

America’s white backlash

Poor whites have long been derided and disenfranchised in their own country — as have their black counterparts. So why can’t they find common ground?

Britain and Europe: the ties that bind

There are many competing strands in the European story but one thing is sure: the UK’s history cannot be disentangled from that of the continent next door

Stories of the Somme

A century on, historians are unpicking the mythology that has grown up around the battle. Yet we need poets to help us appreciate its true meaning

Lenders at the last

Central banks came to the rescue during the financial crisis of 2007-08 — but were they also to blame for it?

‘Don Quixote’ then and now

Four centuries after Cervantes’ death, we can see the novel as a response to a media revolution that in some ways mirrors our own

The battle for Europe

As Britain prepares to vote on EU membership, both friends and enemies of the project agree that it is in trouble — yet draw radically different conclusions about what to do next

The revival of Brutalism

Five recent books show how the movement is beginning to recapture our imaginations — just as many of its iconic buildings are due for demolition