Best of the Big Read 2017

From Zelda Perkins revealing why she kept quiet about Harvey Weinstein to the real price of Brexit, questions over green technology and the big stories in charts. Here’s the best of the year’s long-form reporting

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The data set that illuminates the best stories of 2017

FT research shows that the weekly hit to the British economy could be the same £350m that Leave campaigners promised to claw back

The shift to cleaner power is disrupting entire industries. Will the 21st century be the last one for fossil fuels?

Former Uber employee Susan Fowler spurred a wave of allegations that could change the way the women are treated at work

After a disastrous nuclear deal, the company could be forced to sell off its best assets

President Xi Jinping will be in power until at least 2022 with a mandate to spread China’s influence globally

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In-depth analysis into the roots of the movement that is shaking the political establishment

Five years after Hurricane Sandy, plush new homes dot the state’s coastline. But is it safe to build in storm-prone areas? 

The IPO is likely to be the biggest in history, but what will investors be buying?

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