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Across the world, wild animals are under threat as never before. We’re facing the extinction of some of our most unique species through the destruction of their habitats and by organised poaching. This illegal wildlife trade — worth up to £23bn a year — also threatens and marginalises the people living alongside endangered animals. The Zoological Society of London, a science-based international conservation charity, combats poaching in more than 50 countries, and empowers communities to stop wild animals going extinct.

Please help us support this urgent work. (Before December 31, donations from UK residents will also be doubled by a UK government fund-matching scheme.)

Help ZSL, an international conservation charity working to protect animals and fight the illegal wildlife trade

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This year, we are supporting ZSL, a conservation charity that combats poaching and empowers communities to protect wild animals

Charity is dedicated to the conservation of animals and their habitats