Fish recipes

From sea bream schnitzel with yellow courgettes to raw salt cod with peppers, he is a selection of our finest fish recipes

Make sure you source really good fish still on the bone — magic is sure to happen

‘Every table was slurping bouillabaisse, except for two Englishmen in a delirium of fish, garlic and Cassis blanc’

‘This dish works a treat and has now become our Sunday morning staple’

This is our version of ‘votapiatto’ — sweet, meltingly soft squid in a crisp golden shell

‘My dining companions tucked into the snapper with something close to religious fervour’

‘It may be too soon for a spring feast — but let’s do it anyway’

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A dish that will keep you warm and guilt-free in winter

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Serving fish raw is a simple exercise in good shopping and seasoning