Female Founders

We wanted to find out what drives female business founders – from those at the top of their industry, to the ones just starting out. What challenges do they face? Do women bring something different to start-ups? The FT’s Andrew Hill and Sarah Gordon met four entrepreneurs in the US and UK, across fashion, tech, finance and media, to find out.

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She’s the media magnate who launched the Huffington Post website, but these days Arianna Huffington is more concerned with sleep. Her latest business venture is aimed at ending the stress and burnout epidemic. We asked her what skills it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Cats and biotech do not make an obvious pairing, but for Anna Skaya, the future is all about cat DNA. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is building a business out of analysing cat genetics – and assembling a mountain of data that could be used to benefit humans too.

The Belgian-born fashion designer arrived in America with just a suitcase full of dresses, and has built one of the best-known fashion brands in the world. We asked her how she created her eponymous label and the challenges of management.

Debbie Wosskow is aiming to rectify what she says is insufficient investment in and support for female entrepreneurs in the UK. Her business, AllBright, is a funding, education and support network for female entrepreneurs. We asked her what support female entrepreneurs need to succeed.