The Europopulists

As Germany prepares for elections, following the French and Dutch polls, a major FT project — combining in-depth interviews with voters and unrivalled data analysis — gets to the roots of the movement that is shaking the political establishment

Coventry voters may deliver a shock as the frustration that led to Brexit shifts British politics

Centrist’s election victory was a relief to Brussels but the political extremes still threaten the establishment

President-elect won decisively with wealthier and better-educated voters

Pessimism about the future identified as best predictor of a vote for National Front

Béziers’ mayor hopes his brand of extreme populism will prove to be a model for a National Front victory

Henin Beaumont, a mining town in northern France is a model for the way Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front party is capitalising on economic hardship. Anne-Sylvaine Chassany visited the region to find out why

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