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In 2021, Cytiva launched its inaugural Biopharma Resilience Index, which revealed how the biopharma industry is performing across five key pillars. It also provided clear recommendations for how the industry could forge a more resilient future.

To build on the success of the index, this year Cytiva has focused exclusively on one of the index pillars – Government Policy and Regulation. A survey of 500 senior biopharma executives worldwide reveals how greater government involvement in the industry during Covid-19 has affected areas such as the speed of drug approval, supply chain resilience and affordability of medication. It also highlights the key opportunities and risks around closer collaboration between government and biopharma.

In the articles, video and podcast on this page you can find out more about the data and hear directly from leaders across the biopharma and healthcare industries. These insights give both government and biopharma ways to further strengthen their relationship and safeguard public health in any future crisis.

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Cytiva’s 2021 Global Biopharma Resilience Index - based on a survey of more than 1,000 senior biopharma executives - takes a holistic look at the industry across five key pillars: supply chain resilience, talent pool, R&D ecosystem, manufacturing agility, and government policy and regulation. The index scores reveal how the industry is performing in each area, highlighting new opportunities to grow and improve.

To dive into the highlights and key findings of the index, see the pillars headlining each article, and take a closer look at the interactive data visualisation below.

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