The Brightonomicon
By Robert Rankin
BBC £30 (box-set), 6.5 hours

Cult author Robert Rankin’s comic novels are a mix of science fiction, fantasy and meta-fiction. Brightonomicon’s plot is almost impossible to summarise. It contains a zodiac specific to Brighton, a time-travelling TV and crabs from space.

Here it is treated to full-scale dramatisation, with a cast and radio drama-style sound effects. It is divided into 13 episodes and has its own theme tune – a demented blend of harpsichord and penny whistle. There’s also a word from the author himself at the end.

It’s fantastically over the top – as Rankin should be. Shakespearean actor David Warner stands out with his crazed portrayal of self-styled guru Hugo Rune. Rupert Degas, who has provided voices for animations including Mr Bean, does a fine job of playing his side-kick, Rizla.

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