In response to Robin Wigglesworth’s Big Read (“ Volatile times”, January 10), algorithms are tools harnessed to implement the will of the managers applying them. Nothing more. Furthermore, the traditional assumptions of volatility and depth being signals of healthy markets need to be challenged and weighed against the efficiency gains brought by algorithmic execution.

Volatility is often highlighted on crashes; why isn’t there any spotlight or celebration of the near-instant return to fair market value? While volatility can be considered a negative depending on your role in the market, it is, at core, a quick return to the accurate price of the assets.

During the next bull run, it would be refreshing to see the quantitative-driven managers who deploy algorithms given credit for reading the signals and pushing the market up, but something tells me they won’t be given their due.

Jared Broad
Chief Executive, QuantConnect, Seattle, WA, US

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