All the answers here are linked in some way. Once you’ve spotted the link, any you didn’t know the first time around should become easier.

  1. What is a female lobster called?

  2. What’s the only zone one London Tube station whose name contains all the vowels?

  3. Which packaging material was invented in 1957, originally as a type of three‑dimensional wallpaper?

  4. Which sweets, made by Ferrero and popular throughout Europe, are banned in the US?

  5. Which 1967 film, portraying interracial marriage in a positive way, was the last in which Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn appeared together?

  6. What is Britain’s largest beetle?

  7. Which weapon is named after the Soviet foreign minister from 1939-1949?

  8. In 2020 Britain’s Department for International Development was merged with what?

  9. One-pocket, bank and eight-ball are all forms of which game?

  10. Which 1984 song was for many years the best-selling single in

    the UK never to get to Number 1 in the charts — until it did in 2021?

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