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Experimental feature

Soon nobody will need words any more and we journalists will become even more redundant than the internet has already made us.

This week I’ve been replaced by drawings of my favourite themes. You will find Paris (where I live), European life (my ecosystem), Dutch football (my main preoccupation), cities, wealth and poverty (secondary preoccupations), child rearing (my main job), journalism (second job), George Orwell (role model), the English language (working tool), lunch (preferably alone with a book) and racism (not good).

Luis Grañena was born in 1968 in Zaragoza, Spain. After studying art history he became an illustrator and began working in the Spanish and European press.

Since then his drawings have appeared regularly in Libération, Vanity Fair, Sábado, FT Weekend Magazine and The New Yorker. See more of Luis’s work at www.seiscuatro.com

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