Theatre to watch in London and beyond

FT critics review the latest and best shows in the West End, across the capital and the UK

There’s stylised violence, but Michael Boyd’s staging focuses on the high-flown rhetoric of Marlowe’s drama

The great director’s piece looks dated in the company of new and exciting works

Robert Carsen peppers his version with Brexit and drug references but the satire is as thin as the cardboard sets

A newly commissioned piece set in Shakespeare’s era is more concerned with present-day pieties

Alfred Jarry’s groundbreaking play is ingeniously remade as a drama-cum-singalong in this outdoor setting

Fiona Laird’s production introduces new elements that chime deliciously with the spirit of Shakespeare’s play

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A resentful Iago preys on an insecure Othello in Claire van Kampen’s study of of thwarted masculinity

Beneath the surface humour of Laura Wade’s drama, there are serious concerns about nostalgia and perfection

A gripping staging of Shakespeare’s tragedy, crowned by a superb central performance

A genial, enjoyable show, performed with dazzling versatility by a terrific cast

Charlotte Jones’s new drama depicts a Quaker community in turmoil

Rory Mullarkey’s new drama depicts chaos through uncertainty and colliding genres

A small Yorkshire hospital is the setting for a drama that scrutinises the state of the NHS — and of the nation

An inventive and powerful adaptation of Patrick Ness’s book for children

This drama about the migrant camp is designed for maximum impact

The Poldark star revels in the insanity of Martin McDonagh’s darkly funny Troubles-set play

Bartlett Sher’s production, first seen on Broadway, is a winning blend of lavishness and nuance

This Joan Littlewood bio-musical is informative, but doesn’t do justice to her groundbreaking work

The RSC’s staging of Robert Harris’s novels rolls out with the pace and grip of a political box-set

Jemma Kennedy’s play has many entertaining strands which don’t quite tie together

Tragedy and mischief combine in this story of a family and their troubled father

Keen is first-rate as Leontes and is matched by the underrated Sirine Saba as Paulina

Cordelia Lynn’s play challenges cleverly challenges a range of liberal assumptions

Mufaro Makubika’s play powerfully depicts the uncertainty experienced by Windrush-era immigrants

English National Opera brightens up its summer with this shrewd revival of the musical

Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins’s play gleefully uses blackface and whiteface to dissect theatre’s take on identity

Anna Deavere Smith’s solo piece is a coruscating indictment of the US’s school-to-prison pipeline

Arthur Miller’s last play reflects on his disintegrating relationship with Monroe

A production that returns to its source material in Muriel Spark’s 1960 novel

A stylish staging of Sophie Treadwell’s groundbreaking 1928 play

Paterson Joseph’s one-man show portrays the eventful life of an 18th-century black British man

Winsome Pinnock’s 1980s play about immigration and Englishness continues to resonate

This rarely performed tragicomedy features atmospheric music and riotous dancing

Brian Friel’s play is a masterpiece, though its delicacies are not well suited to this theatre

Nina Raine’s well-timed drama explores rape, legality and morality

Candidates for a senior post are pitted against each other in Jordi Galceran’s play

New artistic director Michelle Terry’s approach brings gains and losses to these two plays

Alfred Molina is outstanding as Mark Rothko in this magnificently staged drama about the artist