What to see at the Venice Biennale 2018

The 16th International Architecture Exhibition runs from May 26-November 25. Here, we look at the people and pavilions making waves in Venice

The Biennale is a breeze to walk through — quiet, uncluttered, visually coherent — but what does it tell us?

The role of water in the fates of both Britain and Venice is cleverly reflected at the Biennale

As she prepares to unveil an installation at the Biennale, she discusses the importance of public space in her work

In an age of global chain stores, how can we reimagine the old town square?

When the V&A acquired several flats from a condemned block, the artist documented their interiors. The resulting film is now on show at the Pavilion of Applied Arts

A Venice exhibition celebrates the skilled work of artisans

Grafton Architects goes beyond the physical in its use of free elements such as shade and light

A fragment of the London housing project has been salvaged by the V&A museum — and will be on display at the Biennale