At-a-glance: The Bush years

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? Nov 7 2000 George W. Bush wins narrow electoral college victory over Democrat Al Gore, but Gore seeks recount in Florida

? Dec 12 2000 US Supreme Court orders an end to the recount, and Bush is declared president-elect with a 537-vote margin in Florida

? Mar 28 2001 Bush administration rejects Kyoto Protocol on global warming

? Jun 7 2001 Bush signs bill to cut taxes by $1,350bn over a decade, fulfilling a campaign pledge

? Aug 6 2001 The president is warned in CIA presidential daily briefing that Osama bin Laden is ?determined to attack inside the US?

? Aug 9 2001 Bush announces decision to restrict research on stem cells derived from human embryos to existing lines

? Sep 11 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks New York and Washington, DC

? Sep 20 2001 Bush addresses joint session of Congress, saying the war on terrorism will not end until ?every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated?

? Oct 7 2001 US-led coalition invades Afghanistan, targeting Osama bin Laden and the Taliban government

? Oct 26 2001 Bush signs USA Patriot Act, greatly expanding government powers of surveillance and arrest

? Dec 14 2001 Bush scraps the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia

? Jan 11 2002 First detainees arrive at Camp X-Ray, Guant?namo Bay, Cuba. On Feb 7 Bush issues presidential order declaring them unlawful enemy combatants not eligible for POW protection under the Geneva Conventions

? Jan 29 2002 In his annual State of the Union address, Bush labels Iraq, Iran and North Korea and their allies an ?axis of evil?

? Mar 5 2002 Bush imposes tariffs of up to 30 per cent on steel imports, later rescinded under pressure from the WTO

? Sep 12 2002 Bush addresses UN, warning that Saddam Hussein poses a ?grave and gathering danger? that must be stopped

? Sep 20 2002 Bush submits a revised US National Security Strategy with a new doctrine of pre-emptive war against threatening states

? Oct 11 2002 US Congress authorises military action in Iraq

? Nov 5 2002 Republicans regain control of the Senate in US mid-term elections after Bush accuses Democrats of blocking homeland security legislation

? Nov 8 2002 UN Security Council approves Resolution 1441, giving unfettered access for UN inspectors to search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

? Nov 25 2002 Bush signs law creating department of homeland security

? Jan 28 2003 In his State of the Union speech, Bush announces he is prepared to attack Iraq even without a UN mandate

? Mar 1 2003 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al-Qaeda mastermind of the Sept 11 attacks, is captured in Pakistan

? Mar 19 2003 US-led forces attack Iraq

? April 9 2003 Baghdad falls

? May 1 2003 Bush declares an end to ?major combat operations? in Iraq

? Jul 7 2003 Bush administration concedes that the claims that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa for a nuclear weapons programme were unsubstantiated. Colin Powell, secretary of state, says that it was an honest mistake

? Oct 30 2003 US House of Representatives approves an $87.5bn supplemental spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan

? Dec 13 2003 Saddam Hussein captured by US forces. The Iraqi leader was found in a spider-hole hideaway near Tikrit in the Sunni Triangle.

? Jan 17 2004 Number of US soldiers killed in Iraq since the start of the war reaches 500

? Jan 28 2004 David Kay, former head of the US weapons inspection teams, tells Senate committee that no WMD have been found in Iraq and that pre-war intelligence was ?almost all wrong?

? Apr 30 2004 Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal breaks in US media

? Jun 3 2004 CIA Director George Tenet resigns

?Jun 16 2004 National commission investigating September 11 attacks concludes there is ?no credible evidence? of co-operation between Iraq and al-Qaeda before the attacks against the US

? Jun 28 2004 US hands over sovereignty to Iraq

? Jul 9 2004 Senate Intelligence Committee report harshly criticises the CIA for faulty intelligence before war in Iraq

? Sep 2 2004 Bush accepts his party?s nomination for re-election at the Republican national convention

? Sep 7 2004 US death toll in Iraq passes 1,000

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