Forget the Wimbledon final, Brussels is the true home of legendary rivalries. Here is an update on the top jobs.

First, for the record, Javier Solana confirmed to Spanish daily ABC that he would step down as the EU’s foreign-policy chief, after two terms in one of Brussels’ highest-profile jobs. The surprise is more that he will not be stepping down before October, as had once been rumoured. The role is set to gain wider powers post-Lisbon. “After the mandate ends, he will be very active doing other activities,” Solana’s spokesperson told the IHT.

In the race for the presidency of the Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, Poland’s former prime minister, looks set to land the highest-profile role yet for a politician from a new member state. Yet only eight years ago, his party failed to gain a single seat in Poland’s lower chamber. European Voice tracks his comeback.

Finally, the big one. José Manuel Barroso will have to wait until September to be confirmed for a second term as President of the Commission. The Swedish presidency had hoped to curtail the saga by bringing forward the vote to this month, but was thwarted by the Socialists in Parliament.

As consolation, Barroso got a ringing endorsement from Nicolas Sarkozy. “From 15 July to 15 September is not a disaster. What is important is that we will be able to nominate Mr Barroso in September,” the French president said.

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