My personal style signifier is white Vans – the Classic Slip-Ons. I wear them constantly. They go with everything, so I don’t have to think too much about what to wear. I like trying to create a uniform for myself. £55

The last thing I bought and loved was Augustinus Bader’s The Cleansing Balm. The other thing that makes me happy is a good bath or body wash. I go for Nécessaire’s The Body Wash, with eucalyptus, or hemp-derived Lord Jones CBD bath salts. Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm, £55. Nécessaire The Body Wash, $25. Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts, $65

And on my wishlist is a really nice facial. I always go to Frankie Paige in Los Angeles. I hate when facialists tell you everything wrong that you’re doing for your skin then push their products on you. Every facial with Frankie is different. She’s like a psychic scientist and always knows what your skin needs. Her products are simple and efficient. I especially love her BFF product – it’s a spot treatment but it isn’t drying. BFF, $35

Coppola’s go-to White vans slip-ons and Ciao Lucia blouse © Arianna Lago
Her Orange Riesling and Gia Red Blend wines © Arianna Lago

With time on my hands, I have been learning more about wine. I was in Napa – where my grandfather [Francis Ford Coppola] has his vineyard – for a good portion of last year, and so I had much more time to focus on our wine project, whereas normally I feel really frazzled. The first go-around I was a little too distracted to put my best foot forward and now I’m really enjoying the blending process and trusting my instincts. My favourite is my red wine, Gia Red Blend – what I call the “fat cat” wine for the picture on the label – which has become my own go-to wine. Anytime I’m learning something is when I feel the most productive. Movies can be much more painful.

I have a collection of cameras. I use point-and-shoot cameras, like the Yashica T3 or T2 and mix up different styles of film. I also like to borrow my uncle’s old Hasselblad. I’ve collected them since I was young and also keep a hoard of my photos from over the years. That was what inspired my wine bottles because I thought it would be fun to use old photos as labels.

I’ve recently discovered a book called Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It’s been popular with a lot of women in the past and it’s interesting to hear about the psyche of matriarchy. It’s made me think in a different way.

At home in California
At home in California © Arianna Lago

My favourite room in my house is my living room. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing to me. I keep most of the art in here and a lot of my friends’ artworks, such as Thomas Lynch, who does these trippy, psychedelic paintings referencing string theory. Or one by my friend Nick Darmstaedter. He takes pennies and oxidises them, leaving pretty green imprints on the canvas.

Recently, I have relied on my cat, Groot. And I really love to cook, doing something meditative with my hands. My family always cooked so I knew the basics but because of the pandemic I really had to step it up; going to the market in the right way to make sure you get all the right things and actually using them is such a skill. My aunt Sofia [Coppola] gave me a cookbook called Small Victories that has simple recipes that are light and good but not too complicated, and I love how it shows you how to repurpose your leftovers.

Groot with Coppola’s “Fat Cat” Gia Red Blend wine
Groot with Coppola’s “Fat Cat” Gia Red Blend wine © Arianna Lago
“Small Victories”, a cookbook given to her by her aunt, Sofia Coppola
“Small Victories”, a cookbook given to her by her aunt, Sofia Coppola © Arianna Lago

In my fridge you’ll always find film. There’s so much film in my fridge that I never have room for food. I like to play around with different kinds but the one I use most frequently is Kodak 400 in the natural colour. Also a Japanese film that’s really high speed and colour so that you get this crazy grain. And Polaroids.

The film that changed everything for me is Jaws. I saw it when I was seven and after that I no longer felt the same about water. It’s a powerful movie that can affect you like that. I still love that film. It’s pretty perfect. I remember that in college I was blown away by David Fincher’s Zodiac, about the unsolved case of a serial killer around San Francisco. Having been raised in northern California, I was always fascinated by that story. 

The podcast I’m listening to is Pod Save America, for an update on politics that doesn’t feel intimidating. And comedian Marc Maron’s podcast. In his interviews he’s able to really get to the core of the person and to hear about their thinking process.

Coppola says if she weren’t a film- and winemaker, she’d be a chef: “It’s similar to how a movie works, with all the chaos and the running around”
Coppola says if she weren’t a film- and winemaker, she’d be a chef: “It’s similar to how a movie works, with all the chaos and the running around” © Arianna Lago

The place I can’t wait to go back to is Cuba, which has amazing energy. And, now that restaurants have reopened, The Musso & Frank Grill on Hollywood Boulevard, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Hollywood. It’s a steakhouse, so the food is traditional American, but it’s as much about the nostalgic ambience and having a good martini. It’s where Fitzgerald and Raymond Chandler used to go, to sit at the bar and work on their writing.

The one artist whose work I would collect if I could is William Eggleston. I always admire his prints at museums. I love the photograph, from 1978, of a hand mixing a cocktail while on a plane. They don’t print photographs like that any more. 

The best gift I’ve given recently was a stroller for one of our close friends who was having a baby. It wasn’t so much the gift as the wrapping paper we made. We got some ordinary craft paper and covered it in stickers, drawings and messages and it just looked like a piece of art.

Her Gucci loafers
Her Gucci loafers © Arianna Lago
A painting by her friend Thomas Lynch referencing string theory
A painting by her friend Thomas Lynch referencing string theory © Arianna Lago

And the best gift I’ve received recently is an amazing green crystal ball my friend Zac Posen gave me.

The tech I couldn’t do without is my Kindle. I like to read paper books, too, but this is great to have on hand for travel. You can look up a word if you don’t understand it and it saves all your highlights so you can just print them out.

An indulgence I would never forgo is Top 40 music. My friends joke that I know every lyric to every song in the charts. I used to be cool and listen to obscure rock music and find new bands, but really I just have a fascination with pop culture. Still, I have playlists friends gave me that make me feel like I have better taste than I do.

My style icon is Jeanne Damas. Her company Rouje is one of my favourites, full of classic pieces and dresses you can just throw on and magically seem put together. She also does really cute suits and coats.

Coppola wearing her favourite Vans in her favourite reading spot
Coppola wearing her favourite Vans in her favourite reading spot © Arianna Lago

A recent “find” is a book called Wine Girl by Victoria James. I loved reading about James’s personal journey, working her way up to becoming one of the top female sommeliers. I never knew how complicated and expensive it is, especially for young women. It’s a world I previously knew little about and found very interesting.

The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe was a short-sleeved shirt with a bright blue mosaic pattern, from Ciao Lucia. The label’s founder, Lucy Akin, uses really great fabrics such as silk crêpe de Chine. It’s all pretty simple stuff that you can wear over and over again.

The objects I would never part with are my dad’s wallet or his camera, which I inherited. Those mean a lot to me. 

Her beauty staple: Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne
Her beauty staple: Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne © Arianna Lago

The beauty staple I’m never without is Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne. It’s something I’ve stuck to for years now. The lemon top note keeps it light and it mixes with me well. I feel strange without it. I’ve tried other scents but that’s my favourite. £100 per 100ml

If I didn’t live in California, I would live in Las Vegas. I’m so curious as to what life would be like if you lived there. It is the epitome of Americana. I love that it goes all night. My grandpa used to say that it’s a great place to write because you can be in your room and get a burger at any hour and get off from being awake with everyone else and not feel lonely. It brings out this weirder side of a person that I find interesting. I like to go to the Peppermill diner when I’m there, where everything is neon. And it’s really fun to go on the David Copperfield warehouse tour, which is very interactive.

My favourite apps are Postmates, Instacart or Venmo – all useful and transactional in some way. 

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would be a chef. As a kid I loved that idea. I worked at a restaurant when I was younger and it was so interesting to see the inner workings. It’s similar to how a movie works, with all the different departments and the chaos and the running around. And it was fun and creative in just the same way too. 

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