Salute the summer — a Food & Drink special

Summer is for barbecues and salads, the freshest fish, perry, highly prized sustainable meat and that rare thing, a Chinese dessert. And it’s for meeting Ana Roš, the untrained genius who leapt to the very top. Bon appetit

How a self-taught cook from Slovenia entered the gastronomic stratosphere

Grilled prawns and watermelon with feta and chilli; grilled stone fruits with a rose-and-rosemary syrup

In deepest Herefordshire, a small band of aficionados is giving the pear drink a new lease of life

China’s cuisine is largely savoury — but those with a sweet tooth needn’t miss out

As campaigners argue for a greener diet, can carnivores combat climate change too?

Other countries throw croutons, charcuterie and ranch dressing into the mix, but for Brits, only austerity will do

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