A curious understanding of common sense

From Mr Stewart Fergus, Croydon, Surrey, UK

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Sir, Alex Salmond’s constant refrain when faced with inconvenient facts or hurdles is that “common sense” will prevail (Reports). His definition of “common sense” seems to be that the rest of the world will bend to his will.

Take, for instance, the EU. Brussels has made it clear that an independent Scotland will start life outside the EU and have to apply to join. He promises that the EU, like the UK, will ultimately buckle and give Scotland a waiver, despite the clear hostility this would face from, for example, Spain and others. Given the difficulties the UK has getting what it wants from Brussels, why on earth would the EU of 505m people suddenly decide to appease an applicant state of 5m?

The SNP also plays down or dismisses the fact that all new member states must join the Schengen agreement and adopt the euro – which makes the argument over the pound largely irrelevant. It also implies that border posts will have to be built between Scotland and England.

Mr Stewart Fergus, Croydon, Surrey, UK

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