Nicolas Sarkozy is shaping up well as the politician who provides best value on YouTube. In an earlier entry, I posted the video of Sarko’s giggly press conference at an EU summit. Now the French president has surpassed himself by walking out of an interview with CBS’s "60 Minutes" programme, because the interviewer asked him about his divorce.

Well done, indeed. This interesting footage, got me thinking about a hit parade of political moments on YouTube. I think Sarko’s walk-out goes straight to the top.

2. The moment when John Prescott – then Britain’s deputy prime minister – assaulted an egg-thrower:

3. An important moment in the evolution of YouTube as a political medium; this is the footage of Senator George Allen blowing up his presidential chances, by using an obscure racial slur.

4. A splendid film of Boris Yeltsin dancing

5. I have been searching unsuccessfully for really good footage of Paul Keating, the former Australian prime minister, in full flow. He was (is) is a true master of political invective. Here, instead, is a compilation of 10 greatest moments from Australian politics, featuring a snatch of Keating:

6. The ultimate diplomatic faux pas as George Bush senior vomits on the Japanese prime minister

7. And finally, a compilation of fighting in the Taiwanese parliament – helpfully put together by CBC in Canada

Nominations for slots eight, nine and ten are more than welcome.

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