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Comments posted on ThinkSecret.com:

“This is HUGE!! Apple has changed completely changed the market for personal computers…You can now purchase a Mac for home use, but still boot up to XP to do work. The risk associated with switching to Mac was just eliminated. How many people out there want a Mac but are afraid of switching? Not many now. As people start to switch, more applications will be developed for the Mac platform and costs will come down. Within a few years, I would expect Apple to have increased their market share back to 15%, perhaps even more.” - by “xjx”

“I’m not entirely sure why everyone is so excited about this. Other than the ability to access a greater variety of games and some specialized software in certain industries, running Windows XP on your Mac seems like a pointless activity…I’m also not sure that this release will encourage any business to switch to Apple hardware. The hardware alone is not a reason for the bean counters to approve the purchase. Why spend more money for nice looking hardware only to run the same software you had been using?“ - by “Matthew McDermott”

“Can anyone say “INCREASED MARKETSHARE”…Consumers now have a reason to make the switch. They can have a system that runs both OS X and Windows. My views have now been validated by Apple.” by “switchtoamac”

From MacDailyNews.com:

“I would not be too quick to think this such totally good news…for sure more people might buy Macs but with having to reboot all the time many may well just stick to what they know.” - by “pat the ex”

“This is the single most important announcement that Apple has ever made in terms of reaching the masses and increasing marketshare. I personally have no need for Windows, but a very large percentage of computer users do…As of today, there is absolutely NO advantage of owning a PC over a Mac.” - by “Mike”

From Robert Scoble, a Microsoft employee blogger:

“Very interesting! The bloggers go wild!…I’m very tempted to buy a MacBook.”

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