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FT.com’s discussion boards have been inundated with readers’ condolences following last week’s London bombings. Please send your messages of support to condolences@ft.com. They will be published below as they come in. For pictures of the missing click here.

* * *

I worked with Jamie at Allied Provincial in the early 1990’s and sat next to him in the dealing room for a year or two. He was a very funny person who always seemed to enjoy life. A group of us from the office used to go and see him play gigs in a band he played guitar for in some pubs in the Blackheath area, those evenings were spent drinking and laughing until the early hours.

I last saw Jamie on a night out in the city about 3 years ago and we spent the evening reminiscing the old days and we had a great night, those days will be missed greatly.

I would like to send my deepest sympathy to his family and all those that new him over the years.

He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

A friend always.

Gary Hinde (Arthur)

* * *

Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims who died under the murdering attack on July 7th. We pray that they will rest in peace. We shall never forget and continue to cherish them. We hope to be soon back in London and bring flowers to their memory.

Alessandra and Gwendoline Izzo, Milan (Italy)

* * *

My heart and tears are with yo. It is indeed a sad note as well as an inhuman act done by bombers to innocent people. God will reward them accordingly.

Job Werike, Uganda-Kampala.

* * *

Our thoughts are with you all at this time. They will not win no matter the cost!

Jacky Coke

* * *

My heart goes out to anyone involved and their families. These senseless losses have to end.

I cannot begin to imagine how you feel, but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jane Sawyer

* * *

My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to all who have to endure the tragic loss of loved ones at this time. The minority of people who are disenchanted, disenfranchised and only have a negative view of the world we live in continue to spread their negative image of themselves onto others.

Richard Jeffery

* * *

Life is too precious to be shortened. The world is too beautiful to be hurt. No reason to kill someone.

May the peace come back in the future. All people come from London.

Thinking of you.

Bruno Coquemont, France

* * *

My deepest sympathies go out to all those involved in this atrocity. The perpetrators will not succeed. Not today, not tomorrow, never. The spirit and determination of peace-loving people everywhere to create a safe world for our children is far, far greater than the aims and twisted objectives of the terrorists to undermine our way of life.

We will never bow.

God Bless.

Nick Townsend

* * *

It can be no consolation to those who have lost their loved ones to be reminded of the nihilistic, gratuitous and criminal outrages that have brought so much personal pain. But be consoled a little at least by the love of God and by human sympathy.

Struan Simpson

* * *

The people who were wounded and killed in the bombing attack in London were ordinary working people. Family people. Innocent people.

The viciousness of the act speaks for itself. Undiluted hatred casting about for people to vent on. I can only pray for the families that lost a loved one. I can only pray for those British people who shed their innocent blood.

I do hope Prime Minister Blair will continue to address this savagery with the severity it deserves.

With Respect,

William Sweeney, Jr.

* * *

In the course of history, every bloody action of terror had entrenched in itself some political motivation. This massacre of innocents, of people who maybe, probably were involved in charity to help the poor of the world, of people who maybe, probably were sympathetic with the cause of the Palestinians to have a state, of people who maybe, probably were close to the oppressed as we see in the world media every moment, from Zimbabwe to Iran, from Burma to North Korea.

This massacre is politically non motivated and makes deaths appear to all of us even more terrible than they are. I am in shock, I am in grief for the dead, but I am also deeply worried by this world.

Angelo Cioffi

* * *

Do not stand at my bier and weep,
I am not there. I do not sleep,
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush of Quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my bier and cry;
I am not there, I did not die.

[Native North American prayer]

Life is precious. My thoughts are with everyone who has been effected by last Thursday’s events and god bless this city that I call home.


* *

May you all be consoled knowing God has a special place for all your loved ones. May God bestow a blessing on the families affected by this heinous and cowardly act.

Ken Areskog

* * *

Londoners deserve to be saluted for the courageous and heroic manner in which they have coped up with the tragedy that struck them in the underground and the roads. The Prime Minister Tony Blair, rushing from Gleneagles to the city of London to oversee the damage and rescue operations and then return to the deliberations at G8 that very night, provided strong and exemplary leadership to a tormented nation.

This is a time to comfort those who have lost their family members and loved ones in this tragedy.

The dignity with which Britain is endeavouring to assimilate this horrible event, will always be remembered and respected. In this moment of hurt and pain, we are all Londoners.

However, as Ernest Hemmingway wrote, “All of us break, and then we are strong in the broken places.”

Warm regards

Yours sincerely

Rajendra K. Aneja

* * *

I am truly grief stricken for the people that were harmed in such a senseless attack. My prayers, thoughts and blessings are with them all during this time. It is not just an attack on London - it is an attack on all humanity and all who strive to live their lives in a peaceful manner.


* * *

I write to firstly extend my sincere condolences to those who have been affected by these callous acts.

As a Muslim Arab who has lived, studied and worked in Britain for the majority of my life, I feel this is an attack on my homeland. I know no sane Muslim or Arab who would condone such barbarism.

It is critical for people in the UK and the rest of the world not to confuse Islam nor Arab identity with such insane behaviour.

I reach out to fellow UK citizens of all races and religions to respond in unity. I hope that Britain will come out stronger post these events.

Omar Mehanna

* * *

To all of the victims, families and people of Britain, we are very sorry for the cowardly acts that occurred on Thursday. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Please keep the faith in these difficult times and remain united in the fight to bring freedom to a people that can not bring it to themselves.

Jeff Smith

* * *

An attack on London is like an attack on New York or LA or any other American city.

It goes without saying - but always should be said - Great Britain is special to Americans.

We are in sorrow for the victims and their kin.

Cheers to the valiant British people who have never failed to show the world their resolve and strength in adversity.


* * *

On this terrible and sad occasion, Americans once again stand in awe of British poise, strength, and resolve. Even in the midst of the attacks, the British people kept their heads about them. Each Londoner consistently worried more about the welfare of the chap next to him rather than himself.

Britain once again showed the very best in the face of the very worst.

Winston Churchill spoke words entirely appropriate to this day…

”It was you who began the indiscriminate bombing. We will have no truce or parley with you, or the grisly gang who work your wicked will. You do your worst - and we will do our best.”

Mark (California, USA)

* * *

As an American, I want to thank you all for standing by us in Iraq. The minute you did, you put yourselves in harm’s way. Your friendship and loyalty to us are deep, abiding, and so deeply appreciated. I am heartsick over the terrorist attacks on your soil. My, our, hearts are with you all. Be brave and sure.

Mary Beth Griffin

* * *

With heartfelt and deepest sorrow, I sympathise with all the families that lost their relations in this callous and devilish act of terrorism and also the entire people of London and Britain. May God give them fortitude to bear the loss.

Princewill o.Eme from Nigeria

* * *

At times like these words do not come easily. It is, definitely, inconceivable to understand how there could ever be a holy war. As a Maltese citizen who believes in democratic values may I extend my personal condolences to the bereaved families and may the good Lord, who will always take care of his own, grant them the serenity and peace which they greatly need at this moment.

Ivan Grixti

* * *

I cannot put down in words what I feel for two reasons. Firstly, I am unable to summarise in a few words my feelings of outrage, sadness, despair and disappointment to how inhuman mankind has become.

Secondly, I can’t help thinking that the monsters who perpetrated these acts of genocide are probably sitting in front of a TV or a PC and getting a ‘high’ from all the exposure they are getting. Well I refuse to give these animals that kind of satisfaction! I hope that justice catches up with them, and I mean divine justice.

With deepest sympathy

AJ Muscat, Malta

* * *

My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones. You’re in my thoughts and I pray you find the strength to face your ordeal. God bless.


* * *

Dear fellow Londoners,

I just want to express my solidarity with the families affected by this tragedy and offer the thought that in the end evil will be defeated.

Sergio C. Trindade

New York, NY

* * *

Canadians stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this terrible time. AND WE ARE NOT AFRAID, EITHER. You will prevail.

Helen Chomolok

* * *

I have fond memories of my trips to London over the years. If it is taking the tube or double decker buses, having a pint or two at pubs, going to the theatre or making new friends, I have always been amazed about Londoners resiliency and determination in making it regardless of the issues being faced. Again we see such courage.

I will be back to visit your city. To the family and friends who have lost a treasure one, please accept my deepest sympathies.

Pierre Fournie

* * *

My deepest sympathy goes to all those innocent affected by this barbaric act. The attack on any single one of you is an attack on all of us. Terrorism will not prevail. We will help to look for those responsible for this crime wherever they hide in the world and bring them to justice. I salute the resolve and the resilience of the British people in this moment of tragedy and sorrow.

You are in my prayers and thoughts.

Gonzalo J. Ferrer (Córdoba, Argentina)

* * *

To all those deranged mass murderers out there that claim to do these acts in the name of God. Just remember God is Love.

There is only one God, irrespective of what name people choose to call God. You have died in vain because God clearly states ‘Thou shalt not kill.’

London and the U.K will never flinch to cowards, which is all suicide bombers are. Instead we will be more united against you and will stand taller and prouder of what our great nation has achieved through bravery over the centuries.

In the words of Winston Churchill “We will never surrender”

J Currie


* * *

Our deepest condolences to the families of those who were lost on 7/7. Our greatest admiration to the spirit, courage and resilience of the British people in standing fast against the evil and insanity of terrorism.

Russ and Kit Yarrow

Brisbane, California

* * *

To the people of London,

Words cannot express the sorrow that I feel for the tragic loss of life caused by the wanton murder of so many innocent Londoners. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Michael V. Lynch, Phoenix Arizona USA

* * *

I write with sadness; barely able to imagine the inestimable grief and torment of the bereaved and those who have loved ones missing, with horror at the liberties that have been taken with our willingness to welcome diversity, and with unashamed awe at the superb response of all our emergency services personnel of all descriptions who are - ultimately - only ordinary human beings like you and I delivering beyond the extraordinary in often horrific conditions.

My simple thank you is not enough but all that I have to offer them for their sheer existence and vocation. I am moved by the dignity of those searching for those they love, and with pride at the resilience of all Londoners regardless of faith, creed, colour or origin. May we all one day rest in peace together, regardless of how we came to be there.


* * *

If your aim was the weak and easily terrified, you missed your mark by targeting London.

Steve Baird

* * *

I am so sad for the people of London and especially for the victims and families that have suffered so much, but so proud of the courage the British people have shown during this terrible time. London has always been my favourite city but never more so then now. Terrorists are thugs and the British won’t be bullied by these murderous maniacs. You are loved and admired by the world. God bless.

Karen Smee

Henderson, Nevada

* * *

My thoughts to those that are suffering now, to dignity that characterizes British people’s life and hope that what happened will contribute to progressively change our approach to day to day life in a better way, giving us the strength to trust each other and respect each other to put aside all those that believe in dogmas and violence

Alberto Biasuzzi

* * *

My deepest sympathy goes out to all those families who have been affected by this terrible act of indiscriminate violence and to the British people. London has always been a bastion of democratic values and tolerance, a truly great global city, that many a person around the world considered a second home.

The perpetrators of this act and the people who share their hateful ideology, will never succeed in changing our way of life. There may be hardships ahead and they will test our resolve again and again, be it in London or Baghdad, Madrid or Cairo, Moscow or Tel Aviv. We who value freedom have a duty to stand firm in the face of terror and I believe we all stand with the British people now.

Riyan Qirbi

* * *

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, relatives and friends of this act of senseless violence.

Vernon Gidman, Sweden

* * *

My deepest sympathies to all the innocent involved in this brutal atrocity. We in Spain know well how a nation feels after this absurdity. The attack to London was to all of us. Londoners showed how courageous they are and Tony Blair proved poise and leadership in these moments. I hope fervently that the criminals will be caught. Terror will not bend our peaceful determination as human beings.

Fernando Reig, Madrid

* * *

May all British and Londoners receive our deep sympathy after the attacks that hit London. Beyond our disagreements or the disagreements of our governments on some important issues such as the war in Iraq, we all stand united in the fight against terror and to defend our values, not least through democracy and benevolence.

France and Paris have been struck by terrorists in the past - hence as close friends of the British and as Europeans we send our support to all, and in particular to all those who lost loved ones.

T.S, France

* * *

My thoughts are with the survivors and the relatives of those slain and, especially at this time of waiting, with those families of the missing - the grief and suffering of those involved touch us all. I have received many messages of concern from abroad but the first, only several hours after the news broke, was from Islamabad in Pakistan from a Muslim friend. It says it all.

I hope and pray that you, your family and friends are safe and well. Our hearts go out to the victims of this atrocity and to all their families.

You can be certain that every civilised person in the world is with the British people and is equally outraged by this cowardly and senseless act of terror.

John Carver, London

* * *

Dear people of Britain,

I salute you all, from Mr. Blair onwards, for your calm, dignified and effective response in the immediate aftermath of the bombing atrocity in London. You are an example for all of us.

Jitendra G. Borpujari

* * *

My heart felt condolences to all those involved in the terrible

experience in London. Even the great distance that now separates me from

London did not reduce the shock I felt when the news broke here on

radio and TV. Many years ago I lived and worked in London city and made

many great friends there, and have many treasured memories of that time.

With condolences,

Dave Saxton, Germany

* * *

I’m an alumnus of London Business School and now proud to be a resident of London. I’ve stood on the platforms at Edgeware Road tube, and taken the Circle Line many times. When I heard the news - far away in Sydney - I was outraged. But also proud of how my favourite city responded. It really is the best city in the world.

Andrew Baker

* * *

I send my condolences for the sorrow and the fear you have endured and will experience. My young daughter and I live in Washington and know something about the immediate and later consequences of bombs.

I admire your bravery and the dispatch with which your authorities have acted. I greatly admire the call for a unity which includes all classes and religions, a call that makes sense on ethical and practical grounds.

Barbara Friedman

* * *

My heart goes out to all those affected by the atrocities of the bombings, the families of the dead loved ones and those wounded and their families.

The terrorists claim they are doing this in the name of God. But they are killing their own kind. How can it be in the name of God, it is in the name of Satan they are doing these things. Words cannot express how angry and outraged I feel about all of this terrorism.

Janice, England

* * *

My condolences go out to those who lost loved ones in the recent explosions in London. I know what it is like as I was one of the many who witnessed the tragedies here in NYC on September 11, 2001. Stay strong and keep the faith.

Best Regards, Scott Marra

* * *

To the people of London

Words tend to fail one at a time like this. But let me say that the people of London are an example of the very best qualities of freedom and democracy at work. The forces of evil don’t hate us for what we do. They hate us for who we are. Thank you for your courage.

With deepest sympathy,

Paul Kay

* * *

My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by last Thursday’s events and god bless London.

Rafael, Argentina

* * *

I am a New Yorker who still smarts from 9/11 now I grieve with all of London ( beyond) To lose family friends in such a manner is beyond tragic. It is disgusting and cowardly. Please know that New Yorkers in general, and this one specifically stand behind you, pray with you that someday events like this will be in our past.

Tony Cullen

* * *

To the people of Britain,

I extend deepest sympathy to you all, but with your strength and goodwill your country will prevail for thousands of years.

Roger Ganesh

* * *

The courage, resolve, and leadership displayed now by Londoners and Prime Minister Blair present shining examples for all of us of human nobility. We grieve for the families and the injured, yet at the same time we are so proud that our own country’s roots and our founders already had the same fortitude, and it has served us in good stead. For everyone who loves freedom, the key is to go on, without hesitation, and without sacrificing one iota of liberty.

J.R. and S. M. Anderson, Miami FL

* * *

My sympathy to all londoners and may you never go through this again.

Richard Cohen

* * *

It’s time for freedom loving people everywhere to condem this kind of behavior. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims and the perpetrators. What prompts such crazy behavior?

Walt Combs, Omaha Nebraska, USA

* * *

As a Kuwaiti, whose people suffered the greatest atrocities of state terrorism at the hands of the despised regime of Saddam Hussain; as an Arab; as a Muslim and, above all, as a human being, I cannot find enough words to condemn the heinous crimes that were committed against London and its peaceful people last week.

The British were always excellent friends and allies, even in the worst times, of the Kuwaitis. But this not only why all of us should stand steadfastly against such crimes; but mainly because they constitute an affront to all mankind, irrespectively of where they are committed.

I offer sincere condolences from me and my family to the families of the innocent victims and hope that the perpetrators will be apprehended and brought to justice.

Faisal Al-Jassem, Kuwait

* * *

I, along with millions of Americans are thinking of you our British friends and best allies, since this terrorist attack in your capital city. You and your Prime Minister were certainly there for us on 9/11. My sympathies to all the victims and their families; you are a strong people; you will overcome this attack and will go on to root out these terrorists who apparently come from within your country.

You will ultimately win this long battle.

My very best wishes.

Richard Leiser, Denver, Colorado, USA

* * *

I will like to send my deepest sympathy to the injured and families with lost ones in the London bombing. As a Londoner living abroad, I was shocked and saddened by these appalling acts of terrorism. London has and will always be a vibrant city, which constantly evolve through the ideals of its multi-cultural communities. The perpetrators, their supporters, and financiers should be brought to justice with the full might of the British Government.

God Bless

David Dean, Denver, CO. USA

* * *

As an American, I can sympathize with the people of London, as they mourn the tragic bombings of July 7th. This evil act is another manifestation of the irrational hatred that is directed against the world’s great democracies by those who would seek to supplant our forms of government by a narrow-minded and perverse theocracy.

Saddened though I was at the sight of devastation in London, I was heartened by both the words and images of the brave citizens of London, after the attack, demonstrating their staunch and indominable British spirit. Such people cannot be defeated. There will always be an England.

Claude Lumpkin

* * *

I’d like to express my deepest sorrow for the families who are suffering after this heartless ordeal. My thougts and prayers are with you all. As Tony Blair said we will not be changed…terrorism will not prevail.

Neena Jakhu

* * *

God bless all of those who lost their lives and to the ones related to God will find peace and justice. Aloha and we will pray for you.

Luis F.Heredia

* * *

Dear fellow Londoners,

I just want to express my solidarity with the families affected by this tragedy.

Thiago Luiz de Salles Gomes
Sao Paulo, Brazil

* * *

Mi más sentido homenaje a todas las víctimas del criminal atentado.

R. Goyeneche
Buenos Aires, Argentina

* * *

Dear Hurting Friends and Families of the London bombing,

In the spirit of true friendship our hearts are bound together in this extraordinary bond of honour. We have both lost friends and family to the hands of hate and fear. Once again we join you in the cause of “FREEDOM” which means assuring the radical arm of Islam that no amount of bombings will break our resolve for peace and harmony with justice for all.

Rest assured we feel your hurt and have experienced your pain. Our personal tears for you and your families have rolled down our cheeks uncontrolled. However we believe our common struggle for good is worthy of every effort to stamp out any form of radicalism that denies people everywhere the protection of individual choice.

Our firm stand verbally and every other way we can conceive will validate our commitment to a cause that is bigger than any one of us singly and greater than all of us combined.

With hearts full of extraordinary honour for your great loss and a renewed commitment to “FREEDOM”.

We remain devotedly your friends,

Dave Yancey and Family
California, USA

* * *

I’d like to give my heartfelt condolences to all the people of London, and the friends and families who have lost loved ones or whose loved ones have been injured in the disgusting attacks on our country.

I sincerely hope that the perpetrators of this cowardly and sickening act are brought to justice swiftly, and the lives of the people touched by this tragedy are made a little easier knowing that they are being punished for this immoral crime against our way of life.

In deepest sympathy
Matt Smith

* * *

My eyes teared up as I watched the television coverage of the London bombings. My heart goes out to the families that have lost a loved one and to our British friends.

Wendy Vaughan, USA

* * *

Dear Great Britain,

Please know that we stand with you in your time of grief and pain. Just as you were all Americans on September 11, 2001, we are all British now.

This is not about Iraq, this is not about politics, this is not about religion – this is murder. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in spirit and feelyour pain.

All our prayers and love,

Katy from Virginia

* * *

Dear Sirs,

This is a time to comfort those, who have lost their family members and loved ones in this tragedy.

All Londoners deserve to be saluted for the courageous and heroic manner in which they have coped up with the tragedy that struck them in the underground and the roads. The Prime Minister Tony Blair, rushing from Gleneagles to the city of London to oversee the damage and rescue operations and then return to the deliberations at G8 that very night, provided strongand exemplary leadership to a tormented nation.

The dignity with which Britain is endeavouring to assimilate this horrible event, will always be remembered and respected. This is indeed a sad time, for all those of us, who have visited London, even though we may not live there.

In this moment of London’s hurt and pain, we are all Londoners.

However, as Ernest Hemmingway wrote, “All of us break, and then we are strong in the broken places.”

Warm regards,

Rajendra K. Aneja
Bombay, India

* * *

Dear Britons,

I had the unique opportunity to live for 5 years in your country and it was a great pleasure to share a great city with such lovely people. I have no doubt that you all will recover from this and please, do not let those animals make you move an inch from where you stand. From a heartbroken argentinian my deepest condolence for all the killed and injured, but also for all of you, an extraordinary people.

Hoping the best for all of you.

Sergio Dedominici, Argentina

* * *

I wish to express my deepest sympathy to the families and loved ones of all the victims of the London terror attacks. As a Malaysian I feel very sad that this had to happen. The loss cannot be replaced. We can only pray that the victims will be at peace and the rest of us who remain will continue to cherish them and keep them alive in our hearts.

To the rest of us who care, be strong, be brave and never let this terrible act shake us. Let us learn from this and do all we can to stop this madness from happening again.

To the people of London thank you for showing the rest of us on how to act and behave in times of chaos.

With respect,
Chandra K. Raj

* * *

My heart goes out to the families of the victims including the families of the four young men who carried out this atrocity.

Although I completely reject the world view adopted by these men, I remember what it’s like to be young and idealistic; how everything seems so black and white.

Those who used and manipulated the youthful idealism of these four men with such dire consequences are truly evil.

Bettina van der Werf

* * *

We’re all Londoners.

Our prayers are with you all, from your friends in the United States of America.

David Weber

* * *

I have no feelings of disgust for Muslims, Jews, Christians or any other faith, we should live and let live, showing respect to each others beliefs. However, When a so called human being takes another’s life for reasons only known to themselves its makes no difference which religion they are from. MY DISGUST is for EVIL people.

We should all be working together to seek out these cowards from within our communities and hand them over to the authorities.

Now I have I given my feelings I can only promise all the people that have been murdered and their relatives and friends that if I have the chance to make a difference I will.

Love to all, Carole

* * *

Our love, thoughts and prayers are with all of you. This affects all peace striving people around the globe. Please find strength through solidarity and in the knowledge that these mindless people will NEVER win.

Take care of one another,

Tracey, Roy and Amy - Manchester

* * *

Despite the beauty of mid summer, a deep imprint of sorrow and shock follows me, as no doubt it does countless others as we go about our daily business. May time provide comfort to those whose grief is more immediate and personal than it is for most of us. God bless.

Javed Khan

* * *

My deepest sympathy to the victim’s families,

Let’s remember that God is there and will punish those evils for what they have done.

Kind regards,

Riad Abu Saad

* * *

Such a sad lost of so many who were just going about living their daily lives. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of all those who lost their lives or were injured on such a sad day.

Shelley Maton

* * *

As a young Asian Muslim, born and bred here in the UK, I am still absolutely disgusted and horrified by the bloodshed and carnage caused by last week’s attacks. There was, is and will never be any kind of religious justification for the murder of innocent people. Muslims believe this, as do Christians, Jews and as does anybody who believes in the value of human life.

Today, on the 1st week anniversary of the train bombings, I pray that such atrocities do not happen again. I pray for the victims of all those who lost their lives so senselessly, and for the families left heartbroken and devastated.

Finally, I pray for the continual courage and pride of the people of London. Today, I stand with you.

God does not forgive murderers.

Mohsin Patel

* * *

I lived in England for 10 years and studied my whole career there. I have an English wife and daughter and we now live in Madrid where last March the same group of fanatics struck the heart of the city, very close to where I work, giving me the opportunity to help with the rescue of the Madrid´s ombings victims. This is a brief introduction to express how deeply saddened I feel. London, the city where I met my wife, where I studied, where my first child was born…was bombed in an act of cowardess and hate. The images made my stomach ache and inevitably tears came down my face.

But you English are much more patriotic than us, you stick together and unity makes you stronger when times get tough, Spain under this new government (remember that it was elected after the bombings) cowardly left Iraq, did not support the government of Aznar when 200 people died in the bombings and not only that, then blamed Aznar‘s government for the bombings. What is worst about Spain‘s hypocritical government is that is spreading the message that no one should give in to terrorism and they are negotiating with ETA…disgraceful!

To finish with my small tribute I would like to express my deepest sorrow for all the families and victims. I, as a Catholic can do very little for the fanatics to stop killing. I believe that apart from condemning the killings, the Muslim community should reflect and see what they are doing wrong that is making these individuals/groups commit such atrocities.

My most sincere condolences,

Best regards

Quico Pascual González-Babé, Madrid

* * *

Sometimes when things get hard, you see a side to people that you don’t see everyday - a good side, a selfless side, a strong side. We may not be in London, but we are with all of you in our hearts and minds. Step forward upright and an even more proud London we will beat them in the end.

Roger Evans

* * *

As an Englishwoman who has lived in this ountry all my life and experienced World War 2 and subsequent terrorist attacks, I would just like to pass on my sincere condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. Last Sunday, I was in the Mall, to celebrate the bravery of the men who fought for our freedom. We must not let these evil people destroy it. They do not represent Islam, I’m sure.

Brenda Nickson

* * *

Nothing is more tragic than an innocent victim, an unfortunate bystander whose life is snatched away in a mindless act of cruelty, a son, daughter, parent…One person dies and so does his or her ecosystem of relationships. Even those of us who did not personally know the victims have lost someone who had as much a right to live, grow and enjoy this world as any other. It is the ultimate crime against all that is human and decent. We will never forget.

Salman Mahdi

* * *

Words does not begin to express my anger for this madness, stupidity and sheer heartlessness of these evil men!

Rest in peace to you all and I hope your families remain strong enough to carry on and do not succumb to the pain the mindless few have caused them.

Ben James

* * *

Words cannot mend a wound or broken heart or mind.

But knowing others care can help a little. For me prayers are paramount, so my thoughts and prayers are for all who suffered in any way. May God grant peace and comfort to all.

Cecilia Skudder

* * *

From Berlin, Germany to relatives and friends of all victims: We cry with you all.

Hans Reinhold

* * *

To all victims and familes

Be strong and treasure the good memories and fight to overcome all pain and grief.

We must reunite and seek to regain our everyday lives soon as possible. We must not let the terrorists win by destroying our lives. We must fight and be strong and not give satisfaction to the criminals.

Be strong,

Dhanji Punja

* * *

May your family friends find comfort somewhere in times to come. It’s a sadder world for us all with this awful event.

Sally Doran

* * *

When I fled death in Uganda the British people gave me a second chance. A chance to be part of them and make something of my self. They gave me a city country I’m immensely proud to now call home.

Innocent people may shed their blood, but they will not lose their souls. It’s terrible that people choose to murder innocent people in the name of God. We serve a living God and however long it takes, good will always triumph over evil.

”For God my country”

Dennis Aguma

* * *

To the British people:

I am British and find myself living in America. On Thursday I woke up to hear all our worst fears had been realised. I pray every day for the victims and their families - may God bless you all. I also pray for the families of the perpetrators, and even the planners and bombers - they need God’s grace to fill their hearts with remorse and to find a better way.

I have never been more proud to be British. The people of our islands are setting an example to the world: I hope people, especially here in America, take heed and share our grief. You inspire me and I wish I could be with you all at this time.

The dead and injured will not be forgotten and we will prevail in this struggle with evil - this we must promise our fallen brothers and sisters.

With deepest respect and condolence,

Andrew Duffell

Atlanta, USA

* * *

I would like to send my condolences to the British people for the incident that took place last week. I was fortunate enough to study in the City of London for 3 years, I have a lot of good memories of the time I spent as a student in Central London. It pains me to see the level of desperation and frustration in my community (muslims) that they have failed in differentiating between friends, enemies, people of the Book, combatants and non-combatants.

I belong to a family of practsing muslims, I have studied in great detail the revolution which was brought by our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) 1400 years ago and after witnessing such heinious acts which started from East Africa and have made their way towards London, I came to realise that those who perpetrate such atrocities are not representatives of the true Islam.

But Gen. Musharraf once said to the UN Annual General Assembly meeting: “We must address the root causes of terrorism”.

The people of Britiain are well informed compared to their American cousins. The media in the UK (Print, TV or Radio) represent responsible individuals who seek to promote peace between various communities unlike FOX news in the US.

“Please bear with us” is all I can say. We as a muslim global community have been facing turbulent times since the beginning of 20th century. We have come to terms with our colonised past, the Arab Israeli wars, the formation of nation states but while recovering we were thrusted into the so called Jihad in Afghanistan, which in my opinion has lead to so many more significant evils in our part of the world (Taliban, 9/11, Al Qaeda etc.). Please rest assured O Britons, that all of our troubles do not legitamize us blowing up innocents.

Let’s work together for a better future for all of us.

Moizuddin Al Muqri
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

* * *

My thoughts go out to all the families that have lost their loved ones. Our people who lost their lives, god bless them forever.

Carla April

* * *

My deepest condolences to the victims of London’s terrorist attack and to the families of the berieved.

I was deeply moved by Londoners’ stoic reaction to these terrible attacks.

The way they helped and supported each other and how they are determined to carry on regardless and not give in to such insane acts of barbarity.

Also, the emergency services did a fantastic job and their response is truly a wonderful reflection of their commitment and professionalism in the face of dire circumtances.

I am sure this will bring all of us closer together and make London a stronger city.

My deepest sympathies

Justin J. Pugsley

* * *

I feel very sad about London’s attacks and I’d like to express my deepest sympathies to victims’ relatives and to Londoners.

I’m from Madrid and I live near of one of the railway stationa where bombs exploded on March 11, 04. I heard the blasts and I could not believe what was happening.

On Thursday, I thought it was not true when the horror came back again this time to London. The nightmare once again has left shattered homes and broken families as such that Thursday (Thursday too) in Madrid.

I’d like to pray for the eternal rest of casualties and for the world’s peace.

Belén, Madrid, Spain

* * *

I’m a French citizen, living in Montreal. My wife lived for two years in Cambridge and we often travelled to London on the weekend through King’s Cross station. We loved London and its people.

From the articles I have read so far it appears that all the victims of these bombings actually portray the city of London, its diversity, its vibrant youth. Everything they and we stand for was the target of these attacks. I have been impressed by the way Londoners have reacted, showing a strong willingness to not have their way of life and their vision of the world and humanity altered.

I guess the best tribute to the victims is there, standing for our values of inclusiveness and respect and our willingness to silence hatred and ostracism.

Dr Bertrand Montel

* * *

To all the families of loved ones who have died or been injured in the tragic event that rock our city last Thursday, I can only say how sorry I am , but to let you know that there are millions of people who are sharing your grief and hurt, but to hopefully reassure you that with time God’s love will see you through.

Pat Owen West London

* * *

To all those who died and to their families, there is one thing that transcends death – the love that each and every human being should have as a birth right. It could have been any one of us who are in and out of London, our London, who had our lives stolen. Those who died are more than just our representatives, they are our family and we mourn for their premature deaths and we assure them that we will never forget them – love is all that’s left when all else is taken and it is a powerful force, much more powerful than hatred – as long as we always remember.

Julia George

* * *

I am one of the millions of immigrants living in this wonderful country, proud to be a UK citizen since 1980 and a member of the huge multicultural society that the UK is today. I feel free and secure here and these are feelings that I did not have in the country where I was born. Britain is a tolerant nation and I am convinced that the abhorrent attacks last week will unify this society rather than polarise it. I humbly appeal for unity, solidarity and love, to fight for the values that we Britons hold dear.

Monica Caro

* * *

There is no reason why these people die and why we are still there. I feel sorry for all of them, I feel sorry for a world which is working so badly that we have to attend such events. We are all citizens from London, but shouldn’t we be more?

Sad and sincere condolences for all people who suffered from these bomb attacks.

Virginie Viallard
Paris – France

* * *

Its sad to know that UK must encounter such bloody moments because the words from the peace-pronouncing Quran have assumed humiliatingly distorted meanings in the minds of heartless men.How can shedding of innocent blood be condoned by a just God? Men such as these terrorists live and die for an insane cause.

May the Almighty God comfort the dear ones of those involved in this tragedy and may the UK stand unbowed and resolve to raze terrorism to make this world a safer place than ever before.

Deborah Joel

* * *

I have always been a Londoner and a proud one at that. Thursday last week was the first day ever that I have been scared of living here, it’s a feeling I did not like but a feeling I will never forget. I wish the families of those that have suffered every blessing in the world but I hope London does not forge what we felt last week, it’s a feeling that will drive me to pursue the goal that this fair and wondrous society created – unity for all races – London will never be beaten

Kay Khan

* * *

To all the people who lost their friends and family, please know that I mourn with you and I share your grief. Being reminded just how fragile life is, live your life to the fullest and live it for your loved ones too.

With heartfelt sorrow,

Milwaukee, USA

* * *

To the families who are left with the loss of their loved ones let me say my thoughts are for you and for the hope that the terrible way in which this was encouraged must be stopped in the future. Life should not be treated so cheaply in today’s world. The people we have lost should never be forgotten and if there is a future after this life on earth may they see that you can cope in your loss. Be strong and keep courage.


Frank Steggall

* * *

Yesterday I stared at the screen for minutes trying to put a few words together. They would not flow because I am always at a loss for words in such instances.

Indeed, a dignified, calm and helpful silence is the biggest display of solidarity and an expression of true feelings of sympathy.

London has taught us all just that.

Carlos Filipe Collaço, Lisboa

* * *

My sincere condolences go out to the people that have lost someone close to them last Thursday. It is sad that London has had to endure this tragic episode and I can only hope that the people of our great city will stand united against terrorism and help the city and the ones who have suffered, get back to normality. As a Muslim and as a person who loves this city dearly, I am appalled that this crime has been done in the name of Islam. This is not what Islam teaches and I can only hope that the evil masterminds are brought to justice.


* * *

I just want to send my deepest sympathies to the families of the bombing victims, the people of London and British citizens everywhere. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you struggle to figure out why anyone would do the terrible things that happened in your beautiful city. There is not a day that I don’t wake up and wish that I was in London. I am certainly not going to let the actions of a handful of terrorists stop me from loving that city and I know that the British people are strong enough to get through this. Peace and love to all of you.

Amy H.

Mannington, West Virginia, USA

* * *

I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of all the victims of London bombings. I pray to God to give them courage and strength to overcome this crisis. Terrorism in the name of Islam is incited by those who are ignorant of the fundamental principles of all religions.

The primary objective of all religions is to promote love and harmony among the people thus resulting in world peace. However many hard-liners are under the misguided notion that dying and killing in the name of religion is a way of pleasing God. In order to wipe out the root cause of terrorism, a worldwide campaign to educate these hard-liners about the actual purpose of religions, needs to be launched.

Nandakumar M.K. Veettil

* * *

I lived in London for two years, but I always will be a Londoner. In this times of pain all my support for Londoners and British people.

Alberto Roldán

* * *

I was educated in Britain and I can not understand why this happened.

My sincere condolences.

Rafael E. Gómez - Tagle

* * *

I would like to give my deepest sorrow and condolences to the victims of horrific bombings. Those people who target innocent people on the street sure belong to no religion. I deeply regret as a Muslim how those brain-washed individuals could commit such a barbaric action in the name of God let alone Islam. God be with the people of England and especially the families of the victims.

Mohammad A. Foghi

* * *

I have been in London for nine months and I went back to Italy 20 days before the terrorist attack.

I used to get the bus number 30 to go to the University (UCL) and I lived near Kings’ Cross. I know exactly every place where the tragedy happened and I feel very sad for London that has been my “home” for a while. I think that Londoners showed an incredible strength that must be taken as example by the world

Valeria Ferrara, Italian student

* * *

My heart goes out to those with family and friends affected by the events. May you draw strength from the compassion and unity revealed across communities in London, England and the rest of the world. Let it be some comfort that the peaceful and overwhelming majority of human beings, regardless of faith, race, nationality or ideology, will never accept acts of violence or intimidation against innocent individuals.

Andrew Steel

* * *

I send my deepest condolence to parents, relatives and friends of victims. I feel with you.

Anna Šteflová, Czech Republic

* * *

I am writing these lines to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of victims of last week’s atrocities.

I am also writing to express my outrage and my sense of shock that taking innocent lives is viewed by some as a legitimate means of making a political statement. The violation of the sanctity of a human live is neither explainable nor justifiable and turns the perpetrators into plain criminals. These people are no heroes for a cause or have valid grievances which need to be aired, their only aim was to kill. I have a strong believe that this country has the resilience and unity to overcome this threat to its way of live.

My thought are with those killed and injured.

Frank Henze

* * *

Our deepest sympathy with heartfelt grief go to those innocent Londoners and tourist killed and injured on 7/7. May justice be served swiftly on all who participated in this cowardly horrific act. Our prayers are with those who lost loved ones.

Robert and Aline Reno

Ooltewah, Tennessee


* * *

My heart aches for all who were killed or injured in the bomb blasts, and for their loved ones. Please know that your “cousins” across The Pond send their love and support. Nothing can touch your spirit and you remain a beacon to the world. Remember: There will ALWAYS be an ENGLAND. Much love to all.

Alexandra Downen

* * *

I am writing to express my deepest sympathy to those who lost someone in the terrorist attacks, and to all the people whose lives are affected by this tragedy. You are in our thoughts, and your courage and fortitude are an example for all of us around the world.

With deepest sympathy,

Samantha Herbst (Wisconsin, USA)

* * *

My heart goes out to everyone affected by last week’s events in London. I am a seasoned traveller and have many friends of all nationalities, colour, religion and creed. There is good and bad in every country throughout the world – but we all have one thing in common ‘RED BLOOD’ so why should this senseless act of barbarity have happened?

For the sake of world sanity – stop this hatred now! It’s about time that the people of the world had a second thing in common too… DIALOGUE. Let’s stop the rhetoric and suffering and have some peace on this fragile planet for a change, it’s not a lot to ask but certain groups might like it once they’ve tried it.

God Bless everyone who suffered, their families, friends and neighbours. For now, it is the time to grieve, reflect and eventually… look forward to a better tomorrow!

Martin Kemp

* * *

To those who have lost their loved ones,

Your grief is my grief. Your pain is my pain.

May those who have passed away, rest in peace; and to those who have been injured, my thoughts are with you at this time.

The British Mullahs, as the leaders of the mosques, need to come out and march in silent prayer, through the streets of London, and show to the vile and the wicked, and to their own flock, that they will no longer stand witness to such horrid crimes in silence. It is this silence, which serves the Islam poorly and permits these deranged people to commit such heinous acts.

F. Abbasi, Zambia

* * *

I consider Britain my second homeland. I was brought up in England, studied and later worked as a Banker in the City. I love London and the Londoners. I spent some of the most happiest times of my life in England. My deepest and sincere feelings go to everyone who have been affected by last Thursday’s events.

God bless all Londoners.


* * *

The morning after 9/11 I sat here, writing to the families of all those that perished or remained missing or wounded. You seemed so far away yet we felt your shock, horror and pain.

Now it is my own city that has been hit. And the shock, horror and pain has hit home with an astounding knock. How human beings living together, using the same facilities, resources and richness this country has to offer, can harbour so much hate for others.

Other innocent people whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone of us has been affected in one way or another. Everyone of us has changed our beliefs, values and notions as a result of this. But not one of us will let our great city be taken away from us. It has made us hold on stronger. More defiant, we stand together, still London, still the great city.

Emma Everett

* * *

Our hearts and tears are with you, as well as admiration for your bravery.

Jane Herbst, Virginia, USA

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