Women in 2018: the change makers

In 1918, women were granted the right to vote in Britain. A century later, we hear from some of today’s trailblazers: in politics, the arts, science, business and sport

In bringing her case against a high-profile TV star, ‘Xianzi’ is battling sexism, censorship and political pressure

Acclaimed for her performance as a hardline home secretary, the actor says she’s ‘slightly reeling’ from the hit show’s success 

The Nobel Peace Prize winner on her campaign to rebuild Sinjar and resettle the Yazidi population

The campaigners behind the repeal of Ireland’s abortion law on how they won a decades-long battle

The tech executive on gender balance in Silicon Valley and how she makes ‘moonshots’ a reality at X

Her Netflix show ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ is helping upend the macho hierarchy of food experts

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