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An extract From Ben Hunt’s personal technology weblog, Personal Effects, which begins on FT.com tomorrow:

‘One of the hidden perils of employment is that a title on a business card acts as an advertisement for expertise and responsibility that the holder does not necessarily have.

In most of the six years I’ve been with the FT, my card has indicated that I have some sort of technological expertise, something that appears to persuade friends, and colleagues that I am qualified to be their personal helpdesk.

I dread conversations that begin: “Listen you’re a techie type, how do I . . . ?” As soon as I hear the words, I tune out and begin to work out how I can protect my professional reputation (such as it is) and respond without making it too obvious that I have no idea.

“Oh yes that’s a tricky one,” I say, following up with some sort of nonsense about how I’d overcome that particular problem some years ago but had subsequently forgotten.

This not only gets me off the hook and but also leaves the impression that I am some sort of whizzy early adopter.

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