The List: Ten fake Twitter accounts

Just hours after the announcement of Tony Hall’s appointment as Director General of the BBC, @TonyHallBBCDG celebrated with this, his first fake tweet: “Right let’s not f*** about, someone get me a flat white and a PA, this s***’s about to get serious.” By the eighth tweet, the Tony Hall persona (for that’s what it was) had 1,300 followers. Charlie McCann lists 10 other fake Twitter accounts.

1. Angela Merkel, @Queen_Europe: the German chancellor reassures her followers that, despite the stresses of saving the Eurozone, she is not forgetting to eat. “Toasted Eurocrats for breakfast,” she tweeted on the last day of the budget talks.

2. KimKierkegaardashian, @KimKierkegaard: when you combine the inanities of the US reality TV star with the existentialism of Denmark’s foremost philosopher, this is what you get: “Cosmo awarded us the Ultimate Confidence Queens award for disguising our shrieks from the abyss as cries of joy.”

3. Roman Abramovic (sic), @RomanAAbramovic: as a successful businessman, Abramovic puts great store by ruthless efficiency. On November 27, he tweeted, “In order to save time and money, I’ve already decided to sack Rafa Benitez, and our next two managers too. #cfc”

4. Kim Jong Number Un, @KimJongNumberUn: this fake North Korean leader is rather good at the mot juste: “I have almost 200,000 followers. Not bad for someone who banned the Internet.”

5. Samuel Johnson, @DrSamuelJohnson: One of the 18th-century’s most celebrated men of letters, Dr Johnson is excoriating about west London folk-rockers Mumford & Sons: “I hereby offer my Commiserations unto Mister MUMFORD, whose ingrate Sons forewent their Upbringing to gad about as indigent Lute-Strummers.”

6. Death Star PR, @DeathStarPR: this PR outfit does wonders for the reputation of Darth Vader’s spacestation: “Don’t think of it as a “Death” Star. Think of it as a “Natural Part of Life” Star. #DeathStarCares”

7. Miguel Bloombito, @elbloombito: while New York City was in the throes of Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg attempted to communicate safety information to the Spanish-speaking community in their local tongue. Cue his rather stern alter ego, Miguel Bloombito: “Los bridges y los tunnelos esta closedo, pero if tu esta late para el trabajo yo soy will docko tu pay.”

8. Mrs Stephen Fry, @MrsStephenFry: apparently, Edna Constance Bathsheba Fry, or Mrs Stephen Fry as she likes to be known, is “Stephen’s downtrodden wife & mother of his 5, 6 or 7 kids.” Her new book How to Have an Almost Perfect Marriage promises to be full of zingers like this tweet: “Twitter is like a Charles Dickens novel – 140 characters, lots of silly names and it goes on forever.”

9. Fake Jeff Jarvis, @ProfJeffJarvis: in this spoof, not only is American journalist Jeff Jarvis a “hyperglocal thinkfluencer”, he’s also a “Journalism 3.0 advocate”. On November 27 he tweeted reassuringly, “This week, I decided to consume only organic content.”

10. Footballagent49: At his peak, Footballagent49 claims to have hoodwinked the Daily Mail, Guardian and the Mirror into believing that the transfer rumours he posted were the real deal. Since then, he’s revealed he’s just a “bored” 18 year-old having a bit of a laugh. His job done, the account is now closed.

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