Sir, Harry Eyres (“Inspiration is losing out to perspiration”, Life & Arts, March 21) reckons that modern Six Nations rugby is “a boring succession of frontal charges, met by cast-iron defence. The result is a dreary stalemate and a drought of tries”. He bemoans “a lack of excitement on the pitch” and comments that on the previous weekend “boredom morphed into incompetence”.

Last weekend? A 90-point thriller at Twickenham, 27 tries across three staggered and exciting games, and a riot of flair and passion in all three matches. Spectators in pubs across the continent watched multiple screens to track the gripping finale of the competition, which Mr Eyres feared would be settled tediously on the “mathematical niceties of points difference”. If he needs more excitement than rugby union’s “pit of muscle-bound turgidity”, may I suggest he follows Russian roulette, bare-knuckle cage fighting, or perhaps base jumping from tall buildings?

George Horsington


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