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“France says Oui to Europe,” said Bild newspaper on its front page welcoming Emmanuel Macron’s election victory, in a headline that summed up the widespread joy and relief in the German media at the centrist’s triumph over Marine Le Pen.

“A victory over the scaremongers,” said ARD national television. “Europe breathes out” said the liberal Süddeutsche newspaper.

But amid the general satisfaction, German commentators on Monday pointed immediately to the problems facing the newly-elected president, including his lack of organised party support and of political experience. “With whom can he rule in future, to implement his reform-oriented aims?” asked Klaus-Dieter Frankeberger, in a signed editorial in the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

He also warned that as millions had voted for Le Pen and against European integration and globalisation, Mr Macron would have to take account of “the needs, worries and concerns of these voters so they do not become a source of rawer forms of extremism.”

Handelsblatt, the business daily, said in an editorial that France now expected from Germany more flexiblity – in the shape of eurozone reforms. “Macron is an opportunity for France and Europe. But his success depends not him alone. Germany sits with him in the ship. That needs a captain and an order: “Tea-break over. All hands on deck.”

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