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Lucy Kellaway pointed out in her column last week that summer reading lists are one of the few acceptable ways left for chief executives to show off. Readers responded:

For up-and-coming executives, I strongly recommend The Prince by Machiavelli. I found its tenets most edifying and useful. Remember the name of the game is “to be respected” not “liked”.
Peter Browne

If you ask a stupid question, you are going to get a stupid answer. Why would I say I read nothing and make myself look uneducated or out of touch with modern theories of markets and politics?
former big4

Franny Moyle’s The Extraordinary Life and Momentous Times of JMW Turner was given such a bashing in the FT a couple of weeks back that I bought it yesterday to read on holiday.
John Bloom

I spy the opportunity for another type of assistant to add to one’s art adviser, wine buyer, etc: the personal reader.

The closest many of them will get to reading these books is when they signed off on the list of titles their PR produced.

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