From Pastor Alexander Haines.

Sir, Edward Luce (“American voters hate the sin but love the sinner”, July 22) states: “There is zero connection between a politician’s sexual peccadilloes and his competence to govern.” An interesting claim, given the men he cites (Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford and Elliot Spitzer). Though Mr Clinton survived the ensuing impeachment battle, it may be safely said that his ability to govern was significantly limited by his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky. The other three men were forced to resign. Scandals may be laughed off after the fact, but at the time the elected official caught in the imbroglio would be no more effective than if he or she went on a six-month holiday to (literally) hike the Appalachian Trail.

Thankfully, the choice voters face is rarely between a moral but incompetent candidate and an immoral but competent one. We can and should elect women and men who are able to govern both their jurisdiction and their base desires.

Alexander Haines, Huron, SD, US

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