The Brexit deal

Theresa May agrees a draft Brexit text with the EU this week. The cabinet approves it, but some ministers walk. Now she battles against calls to quit. Can she swing a parliamentary vote? Here’s the best of our opinion and analysis

Harsh realities of UK’s position exposed by withdrawal agreement

Comparisons with Major era’s internal conflicts miss the far higher stakes

Parliamentary support for the prime minister’s agreement requires a more detailed political declaration

Examining the issues behind the vote will move the debate away from political bickering

The withdrawal agreement received a brutal reception, but the prime minister will argue that the alternatives are worse

Theresa May reached a Brexit deal this week, but it did not please much of her party

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There are no alternatives to the prime minister’s plan, and no time to find them

Nervousness of global investors towards UK equities and gilts presage stormy times

A UK deal to leave the EU must be judged clearheadedly on its merits

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There may be disappointments for Brexiters but there should be no surprises

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