Launch of Mifid II

Designed to promote investor protection and inject more transparency, the EU’s ambitious Mifid reforms are transforming Europe’s financial industry after coming into force in January

Studies this week from UK regulators suggest they are serious about enforcing the rules

Far-reaching rules will have a big impact on everything from banks to brokers

An expected cut in sellside analysts and new data offer potential opportunities

Little evidence that banks and investors are pushing trades on to public exchanges

Visible Alpha aims to benefit from regulations facing investment research

Japanese bank considers restructuring operations at home and in US

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ICE shifts 245 North American contracts to US in response to customer demand

Regulator says the delay reflected incomplete data supplied by the industry

Hundreds of blue-chip stocks were set to be temporarily barred from dark pools

Fears for new systems and trading levels prove mostly unfounded

Only 11 of the EU’s 28 member states have added flagship legislation into national laws

Bond trading volumes drop as Europe’s market digests most ambitious change in a decade

Regulatory shake-up to provide more transparency on trading of passive investment vehicles

Sweeping changes to EU rules on financial instruments come into force on January 3

Banks and brokers will have six more months to comply with requirement to have a trading ID

Banks, asset managers and law firms in hiring spree ahead of EU regulatory changes

Europe’s new investment market rules will focus on the economics of paid-for analysis

CFA report estimates median cost of equity research will be 10 basis points of AUM

Watchdog’s Mifid II ‘bombshell’ at industry conference alarms some in City

Esma fears some banks and traders will use ‘loopholes’ to move more business off-exchange

Fund managers wanting to buy and sell large blocks already using waiver rule

NYC pension and Colorado state want EU research regulations rolled out across America

Regulator’s move allows American groups to adhere to European rules known as Mifid II

Bank moves to provide research in Europe before market rules come into force

New report says analyst research from investment banks is priced unrealistically high

Widespread uncertainty over complex new regulations linger ahead of January 3 deadline

Finance trade bodies worry the SEC has been too slow in responding to new European rules

Mifid II’s sweeping new rules may imperil traditional deal negotiated over the phone

Not everyone will like the new rules on price unbundling, writes Norma Cohen

French group believes research quality will suffer if fund houses absorb costs

Concerns grow about the impact of new Mifid II rules on specialist providers

Global markets will need to adapt as new European rules have global ramifications

European authorities reveal they have hit a stumbling block due to rules’ reach

City watchdog will be able to pinpoint order flows by trader, and even by client

Fund managers backtrack on charging clients after BlackRock says it will foot bill 

Decision by world’s largest fund house piles pressure on rivals to absorb costs

Two large hedge fund companies have dropped their licences for the EU regulation

Banks are locked in tense negotiations over how much to charge investors under Mifid II

Fund giant heaps pressure on rivals by covering research costs under Mifid II rules

New finance directive is not easily compatible with regulation beyond Europe’s borders

Northern Trust is latest asset manager to say it will not charge clients

Fidelity reacts to client complaints and will now absorb research costs under Mifid II

New EU rules are great news for pension funds and retail investors, says Norma Cohen

Complying with the EU’s far-reaching financial reforms will not be cheap or easy

Clients of French fund house will keep paying for research from banks and brokerages

EU legislation requires fund managers to pay directly for analyst research from 2018

Heads of Europe’s largest electronic debt trading venues make plea for Mifid changes