Milan Design Special 2018

Highlights from the world’s biggest design show, from sofas inspired by shoes and innovations with sustainable materials to how designers are responding to Generation Rent

We select the highlights from the world’s biggest and most prestigious design fair, drawing visitors from more than 165 countries

Vuitton, Loewe and Prada are just some of the houses involved in major design collaborations

His playful and spare style has made him one of the world’s most in-demand designers

On ‘Call Me By Your Name’, Milan-based company Dedar was brought in to recreate the faded opulence of a country house

A huge increase in rental numbers is changing how people think about decorating. How are designers responding to a generational challenge?

The Londoner reveals why he wants to provoke as much of an emotional response as a visual one

To stay on top, argues Edwin Heathcote, the city’s design needs to recreate the intellectual spirit of the 1960s

Human hair, dust and manure are among the materials being embraced by a generation of designers who are using technology to get serious about sustainability