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Colombia-born Mark Dunkerley, 50, is chief executive of Hawaiian Airlines and its parent company, Hawaiian Holdings. He joined the carrier in 2002 and in the past three years has expanded the business in Asia to complement its traditional inter-island routes and long-haul flights between Hawaii and the US west coast. He lives in Honolulu.



One of the most unusual things about business culture in Hawaii is that everybody wears an aloha shirt. Fifty years ago, everybody wore plain shirts and ties but then the Hawaiian shirt took off and is now worn for meeting officials, as well as to weddings and funerals. I have around 20 in my wardrobe. This one is by a local designer called Sig Zane, who was also commissioned earlier this year to design the exterior patterns on one of our aircraft. All of his motifs are inspired by Hawaiian culture, which is important to me because there is a story and history that adds another dimension to the design.


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My watch is a Blancpain Flyback Chronograph model. It is a straightforward and understated watch and also nice and sturdy. I recently got stung by a box jellyfish while out surfing and had to get an injection of adrenalin before I got on a flight to Japan. The sting was just where I wear my watch so I had to wear it on the other wrist. It is unbelievable how aware of your watch you become if you just put it on the other wrist; usually it is so comfortable that I am completely unaware of it.


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I get my trousers custom-fitted at Ermenegildo Zegna as I really like its fabrics. This pair of charcoal grey trousers is super-light, which makes them perfect for travelling. I wear charcoals and greys on the bottom as it balances the brightness of the colours in the aloha shirts. One of the things that tourists do when they arrive in Hawaii is purchase matching shirts and shorts – you would never find a local dressed like that!


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I wear John Lobb shoes during the week and flip-flops – or slippers, as we call them – on weekends from a local brand called OluKai. There are many different labels and varying qualities of Hawaiian slippers but owing to the amount of travel I do, I tend to go for OluKai because they are extremely comfortable.



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