News review: exclusives of the year

We spoke to Trump about Twitter and Juncker about the Brexit bill as well as the people suffering ‘Shit Life Syndrome’ and investigated the murky world of London’s spies for hire and the ownership of China’s most aggressive dealmaker

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The battle over fugitive billionaire Mukhtar Ablyazov stretches from Kazakhstan to Knightsbridge

Governing is harder than he thought, but the US president is defiant about his style and agenda

Zelda Perkins wants to expose legal process that kept her claims secret for 19 years

The story behind the failure of Kraft Heinz to win over the Anglo-Dutch giant

Felix Sater, who worked on Trump Soho, turns against Kazakh former business partners

As raw sewage poured into London’s rivers, the water supplier awarded huge dividends to investors

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Battle between CEO and investment chief has alarmed clients and sparked departures

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As political pressure intensifies, friends, colleagues and even spouses are reporting each other for a range of offences

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