From Ms Rea Stavropoulos.

Sir, Anyone who might be tempted to think that the spirit of protest has fizzled out in the UK after the failure of the anti-war demonstration in London on February 15 2003 to stop the invasion of Iraq (“Protest’s last stand”, Life & Arts, February 9) should have been present at Tate Modern on February 3.

As part of a live event devised by artist Suzanne Lacy entitled Silver Action, hundreds of women in their 60s, 70s and 80s discussed the activism of their earlier years and demonstrated their continuing willingness to lend their voices to fight against perceived injustice, inequality and oppression.

Through their many different stories, they illustrate the importance of small gestures in bringing about significant changes in perception and attitude and that there is still a spirit of altruism, idealism and optimism in our fearful world. It is not limited to the “Guardian-reading herbivores” mentioned in the article.

I participated in the anti-war demonstration in Rome on February 15 2003, where we numbered 3m, and was also a participant in Silver Action. We are certainly not looking forward to a graceful retirement!

Rea Stavropoulos, London NW5, UK

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