Animals: a photography special

In a series of photographic essays, we explore our shifting relationships with our fellow creatures, from those that share our homes and offices, to those inhabiting the farmyard, the circus, the animal shelter and moret

Gillian Tett (herself a dog owner) talks to Dianne Feinstein, Blythe Masters and Bob Greifeld about the animals they rely on

Long before the internet was built on a bedrock of cat photos, he created masterpieces of feline portraiture

The British photographer faces up to childhood fears and explores an adult fascination with these sinuous creatures

As part of our Animals: photography special, we feature the work of an artist who transforms archive images of animals

A 19th-century album of circus animal photographs evokes conflicting emotions

What does our treatment of vulnerable animals say about us? Two American photographers explore the question

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As part of our Animals: photography special, the Japanese photographer who captured parrots perching on power lines and in ginkgo trees

When Finn met Hamilton, they became friends, then bonded on social media. Now #pugchat has thousands of loyal followers

As part of our Animals: photography special, the artist who persuades creatures to pose in his studio