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Sir, My son, who is studying at Glasgow university, is considering how to vote in the Scottish referendum. My answer has been that dismembering the UK would further destabilise an already extremely dangerous situation in Europe. It would be bad for the UK, bad for Poland, bad for freedom and democracy in Europe, and bad for Scotland.

Tens of thousands of Poles will have the right to vote in the referendum. I would appeal to them to reject the folly of dismemberment of one of Poland’s closest allies. The same applies to Lithuanians, Latvians and other EU citizens resident in Scotland. They all have the vote in this referendum, and we shall all be less secure if irresponsibility triumphs.

On the question of Scotland’s rights to the Bank of England, Alex Salmond seems not to understand the difference between assets and liabilities: Scotland presumably would have a claim to a share of BoE assets when the Bank (and UK public debt) are divided between the two countries as a result of a Yes vote.

But Scotland has no right to insist that the assets of a new National Bank of Scotland should be funded by liabilities for which the rest of the UK would be jointly responsible together with Scotland. With greater power inevitably comes greater responsibility, however inconvenient that may be. Just as à la carte membership of the EU is impossible, so is à la carte independence.

Mr Jacek Rostowski, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Warsaw, Poland

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