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Karren Brady, managing director of Birmingham City Football Club, talks about her likes and dislikes.

What’s in your pocket?

A mobile phone with internet access: T-Mobile’s MDA Vario II.

I love how it lets me keep an eye on the business and check e-mails while on the move. I also use it to look at football news and stock prices.

First crush?

SatNav. I could not live without it because I’m hopeless with directions. When I buy a car I ask only two questions: what colour is it and does it have satellite navigation?

My latest is a Black Porsche with SatNav built in.

True Love?

Birmingham City getting promoted to the Premier League in May and scoring two goals against Chelsea in the opening game.

Latest squeeze?

Iris recognition. I’ve just subscribed to the Iris system in the airport where you get your eyes scanned and don’t need your passport. I feel very smug when I see others queuing for passport checks. It takes only five minutes to register and children can use it too.

What makes you mad?

People being rude or patronising to others. Anyone behaving as if they are more important than they are.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

When my Sim card fell out of my mobile and down the side of my car seat. I could see it, but I couldn’t reach it.

In the end, the whole car had to go back to Porsche and the entire seat be removed before I could make calls again.

There’s no hands-free mobile slot in the Porsche; instead you have to take the Sim card out of your phone and insert it in the dashboard.

As you can well imagine, I now take the greatest
care when doing this.

What would you most love to see?

Birmingham City win the Premier League in 2008.

If money was no object?

I’d buy Arsenal. If I had a bit less, I’d buy Thierry Henry for Birmingham City. He’s an exceptional player.

Favoured communication method?

Face to face, or e-mail – because no one cares where you are or what time zone you’re in. The difficulty with e-mail is that sometimes it can come across in quite a hard manner.

Worst mobile working experience?

When I was staying in Antigua and writing the column I do for a tabloid newspaper, I didn’t realise the hotel’s computer system would drop you out if you spent a long time drafting an e-mail. So when I pressed Send and got the message “session timed out”, I was angry.

I lost an hour of work, had to write the column again and won’t be going back there.

Website favourites?

I like clothes, so I spend too much money at www.net-a-porter.com. My other favourites are: www.horchow.com, which has fabulous things for the house, such as linen sheets and zebra-print towels; and, of course, www.bcfc.com, Birmingham City’s site.

How wrong have you been?

I sold David Dunn to Blackburn [Rovers], assuming – from what my medical staff told me – he would never play again. We’ve just had our third payment for the number of games he’s played.

Company to watch (not yours)?

I like Smythson, the stationery company. Their packaging is attractive and their marketing strong. They have cleverly positioned themselves in the luxury bracket with recognisable products, such as the Smythson diary, that are still affordable.

Left field technology?

A gizmo for referees allowing them to have virtual ”eyes in the back of their heads”.

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