Food & Drink Autumn Special 2017

From 30 years at The River Cafe to a culinary journey across North Korea. Plus, wines from the Middle East, where to find ‘damn fine’ coffee from around the world, chef Claude Bosi’s tribute to tripe and a history of gin.

Cow’s stomach and cuttlefish is a risky thing to put on the menu. But this chef can pull it off, says Tim Hayward

On a trip, Fuchsia Dunlop found an unexpected form of cultural diplomacy on the menu

‘We write the menu twice a day.’ The co-founder of the famed London restaurant tells Alexander Gilmour how it all works 

From Sweden to Seoul to Singapore: a new book tells you where to get your caffeine fix 

‘Israeli wines have evolved from rather flat-footed and overblown copies of international varietals’

Polly Russell, the History Cook, on why it’s taken 300 years for genever to regain its reputation

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