FT Health: Combating Dementia

Efforts to find a treatment or cure are intensifying as more drugs flunk trials. We also look at dementia’s growing financial burden, China’s big potential care market, and why some scientists are turning to Ayurvedic medicine

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Recent work has thrown up surprising clues

Scientists are focusing on new trials that will be an important test of the ‘amyloid plaque’ hypothesis

Virtual reality simulator in Japan looks to end younger people’s indifference to sufferers

Brain’s ‘musical memory’ can escape the ravages of Alzheimer’s

Studies find that hearing loss is also associated with the disease

Higher health insurance premiums may be the only solution

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Herbs used in the ancient healing system could yield a cure

Countries such as China and Thailand have rising numbers of dementia patients

Theatre group is staging productions written and devised by those with the condition

Dementia research is lagging far behind other health conditions such as HIV/Aids and cancer