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22 years after Gareth Southgate's shot in a World Cup penalty shootout was easily palmed away by the German goalkeeper, the player-turned-manager has more than managed to redeem himself, writes Murad Ahmed. This week's Person In The News is the England coach leading a young squad that has done better than any fan dared hope at the start of the tournament. What's behind this reinvention?

Battling Big Pharma
America's opioid addiction has ripped through the US like wildfire, writes David Crow, and now politicians are using the courts to pursue the culprits — the drugmakers that ignited the flames. But unlike the court cases against Big Tobacco, this moral crusade has a far from guaranteed outcome. The larger pharma companies reduced their exposure when the crisis began, and the smaller specialists don't have such deep pockets. So how will the US states work out how to pay for the costs of this epidemic?

High street angst
John Kay argues that higher business rates are too easy a target for UK retailers bemoaning the state of their businesses. Dowdy department stores and chains who have lost customer loyalty should be a bit tougher in their analysis, he writes.

Extraordinary rendition revisited
Ken Clarke, who as justice secretary halted an inquiry into the UK's role in US mistreatment of terror suspects after 9/11, now believes he was wrong to do so and calls for a tough new investigation to uncover the truth.

Best of the week

John Gapper asked why bankers are paid so much for advising on M&A

Martin Wolf traced how Donald Trump has turned his back on seven decades of US foreign policy

Fred Studemann explored why German business leaders are so critical of Angela Merkel

Brooke Masters was sceptical of whether grocery orders delivered by robot will be what she wants

Robert Shrimsley warned the Conservative party that ditching Theresa May will not alter political reality

Anjana Ahuja tempted readers with a vision of escaping death — if we can survive to age 105 that is

John Kasich, Republican governor of Ohio, wrote that the looming trade war would inflict pain on the US Midwest

What you've been saying

Acknowledging the inconvenient truths— Letter from David French

While Theresa May’s government should long since have distanced itself from its shabby Polish counterpart, Remainers do best when we acknowledge inconvenient truths about the EU and recognise the Union for what it is: the best available system of alliances which, for all its shortcomings as well as achievements, offers its members the opportunity to exert influence, individually and collectively, beyond their borders. In the introspective psychosis through which the UK is living, this is for Leave the really uncomfortable reality, for which it has no answer.

Comment by Lloerig on Sleep deprivation is part of our productivity problem

This article took me back a few decades to my time as a junior doctor working in a casualty department in northwest London. A particularly exhausting shift, which allowed me four hours of sleep in 48 hours, left me dangerously inefficient. I remember taking ages to calculate the right dose of a cardiac drug for a child, knowing that getting the decimal point in the wrong place could be fatal. I got it right, but it took me five minutes to calculate and endlessly recheck the dose – a process that would normally have taken me seconds. I would like to think that these days a junior doctor in that position would ring up his consultant and let him/her know that he was unfit to continue working. Wishful thinking?

England must start taking their chances in open play— Letter from James Mahon

If England want to progress any further they must stop over-relying on set pieces and start taking opportunities in open play. Against teams of the calibre of France and Brazil they will struggle to be competitive if corner plays are the mainstay of their tactical plan. The England team and the public must remember that Panama are ranked 55th in the world; Brazil and France will be a different kettle of fish altogether.

Today's opinion

Britain’s retailers are too quick to blame business rates
Shopkeepers railing against the levy should look a bit closer to home

A halcyon summer of sport helps us define our Englishness
The football team’s diversity makes us realise there is an England that we can share

Person in the News: Gareth Southgate, a coach to banish England’s football demons
The manager has shaped a young squad and broken old dogmas to make history

We must investigate UK complicity in rendition of terror suspects
My decision to halt a previous inquiry was wrong. We need a judge to uncover the truth

Free Lunch: Why companies should care about children
Spending resources on high-quality childcare is enlightened self-interest

FT Magazine: Why the World Cup is bigger than Putin
‘I can write about the genius of French forward Kylian Mbappé, knowing the FT is also covering Russian elite corruption’

Undercover Economist: Define ‘robots’ before thinking about taxing them
It is specific tasks that are automated, not whole jobs

Illustration of the week: Match Point
Warring cabinet at Chequers Brexit summit

Sleep deprivation is part of our productivity problem
The on-demand economy and 24-hour news cycle are bad for mental health

City Insider: Inga Beale and the Lloyd’s of London legacy
Who will replace a rare woman at the top of insurance who has modernised attitudes?

FT View

The FT View: The case for reforming the rules of copyright
The EU should hold the line on plans to rewrite internet regulations

The FT View: Eurozone wage growth remains far from normal
It is still too early to follow accelerating wages with interest rate rises

The Big Read

The Big Read: Glencore: an audacious business model in the dock
Will a US probe into possible bribery and corruption force one of the world’s biggest mining and trading groups to rein in its risk-taking culture?

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