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The change to LED lighting is indeed a significant step in the right direction (“ Lightbulb maker illuminates climate strategies”, December 24). But I would like to ask how much of the planet’s resources are taken to produce one LED bulb compared with one incandescent bulb. To clarify, how much energy and human time are required to make one of each type?

The world’s monetary system of exchange tends to isolate the true planetary cost from what we perceive to be the monetary cost (whatever currency or political system is used). Previously we have tried to anchor currencies to a standard, ie gold. Is it not time to base currencies on a unit of energy, regardless of source? This would show us the true cost to the planet of any manufactured item or food. It would not stop competitive conspicuous consumption but, overall, it would nudge us towards using less energy in everything we do.

V J Paine
Derwen, Denbighshire, UK

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