Latin American upheaval

What’s going on in South America? The worst performing region economically has seen riots and protests. Chile battles inequality, Venezuela endures a reign of terror and Argentina faces spiralling debt. Here’s the best of this week’s opinion and analysis.

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Weak efforts to diversify and invest are a common thread through period of turmoil

Armoured personnel carriers on the streets are not the answer to protests

Leftwing populists are poised to retake power. The priority is a swift renegotiation of the country’s huge debt pile

The international community does not understand the repression and fear we Venezuelans face

Current woes do not make the country a stereotypical emerging markets basket case

Passing of legislation represents significant victory for Bolsonaro

Outcome depends on finding a plan for growth while getting a grip on spending

Letter from Eric Protzer, Research Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, US and Paul Summerville, Victoria, BC, Canada, Former chief economist, RBC Securities