Identity: a photography special

For these photographers the issues of national, racial, religious and sexual identity are personal. Their work asks, ‘Who am I?’ And by extension, ‘Who are we?

The photographer confronts racism, violence and the politics of exclusion in South Africa

‘I hated being brown, a colour that sometimes brought unwanted, often violent, attention’

Tomoko Sawada transforms herself into 300 versions of East Asian women

The US photographer asks how a simple item of clothing came to represent the politics of safety

The Dutch photographer on family, gender identity and the search for a shared experience

The artist attempts to unify her extremes to construct an extended family portrait 

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The artist explores her Sri Lankan-Scandinavian parentage by examining past histories, fairy tales and her relationship to her family

‘From my experience as an “insider”, women are at the margins of Iranian society’

The London photographer celebrates the joy and intimacy of her local community