During the MBA, it is no surprise that many students engage in various case competitions and put their business skills to the test. I have already mentioned a couple of competitions in my previous posts. This time I want to write about another type of competition, which is not as talked about in the MBA world: physical competitions.

For some students, regular exercise becomes a bit neglected during the MBA due to the busy and demanding nature of the programme. Nonetheless, I believe that on top of all that mental stimulation, it is important to train physically. First, it is healthy and as we know, health is wealth! Achieving good health and fitness can help our minds work better and improve our efficiency. Second, it is fun and a great stress-buster.

In the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of taking part in two of these competitions with MBA students, alumni and even corporate professionals. The first one was a take on the popular reality television show The Amazing Race. Teams of four had to race all over Hong Kong, completing tasks in train stations and deciphering clues and riddles to get to the next station, until they ended up at the finish line by the beach, where a BBQ and drinks awaited them.

It was a physically grueling competition. But even with so much exhaustion and frustration, my team maintained a positive attitude and carried on until the end. Aside from being a test of speed and endurance, the race also made me learn a little more and appreciate Hong Kong history in different locations. At the same time, it was a good bonding experience and an opportunity for me and my fellow CUHK representatives to meet other MBA students and professionals who participated in or organised the event.

The second one was a football tournament. Similarly, this one was also a good opportunity to network. Though I did not participate as a player, the experience of being present and supporting CUHK was still a good one, win or lose. I saw how much my classmates fought throughout the different matches, battling injuries even from the beginning, all for team pride. It was an honour to be in the presence of this team who never gave up in the midst of these setbacks and just played on.

Joining such events serves as a reminder that even with the hectic life of an MBA student, it is important to set aside time for fun and, no matter what kinds of hardships we face, keep on going with our heads held high.

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