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When the Boston Red Sox won America’s baseball World Series in 2004, after 86 years of trying, fans of their rivals, the New York Yankees, unfurled banners which read: “Congratulations Boston, World Series Champions 1918, 2004, 2090".

In the event, the Red Sox’s next title arrived rather more quickly than Yankees fans would have hoped. Under the stewardship of owner, John Henry, they are on course this weekend to win their fourth World Series in 14 years. In a profileTom Mitchell, a life-long Red Sox fan, identifies the secrets of Mr Henry’s success.

Mr Henry, who also owns the Boston Globe newspaper and England’s Liverpool football club, is not afraid to spend money, Tom writes. Nor is he slow to cut his losses when he thinks players or managers or under-performing. It is evidently a winning formula.

Merryn Somerset Webb assesses at an unusually volatile month for global stock markets and concludes that this shadowy environment should be a boon to active investors keen to show off their stockpicking skills.

Tim Harford asks what megaprojects like the construction of the Sydney Opera House or government IT programmes can teach us about the biggest public policy challenge in Britain for a generation: Brexit.

Bronwen Maddox looks ahead to Monday’s UK Budget and argues that tinkering with tax will not deliver the revenue needed to maintain public services at their current levels, let alone improve them, as voters demand.

David Allen Green argues that the legal issues in the case of billionaire retailer Philip Green, especially where non-disclosure agreements are concerned, are less clear-cut than they might seem.

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What you’ve been saying

Ramaphosa should also consider tax reform plan: letter from Rizwan Rawji, Rhode-St-Genèse, Belgium

Reforming South Africa’s labour market is a very sensitive political issue ( Letters), especially when elections are to be held next year. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC government should urgently embark on a tax reform plan and announce it on the annual budget speech in parliament early next year. Allowing voters to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets is another way to win their votes.

In response to “Chargrilled kangaroo restores balance to an overrun outback”, Sic transit gloria mundi says:

A similar course (more culling and eating of the meat) is needed for deer in rural England.

Dangerous passions?: letter from Stephen Brown, Silsden, W Yorks, UK

Last week, Theresa May said that now is the time for “cool, calm heads” over Brexit. This week, she presided over a cabinet meeting on the subject that her spokesman described as “impassioned”. They really must stop meeting like this.

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The enduring appeal of ghost stories by women
From Mary Shelley to Ann Radcliffe, the fiction of horror has in many ways been women’s natural fictional habitat

The Philip Green case is not as simple as it seems
Non-disclosure agreements need not just be a weapon to be abused by the powerful

FT Alphaville: The White House is worried about wages, not socialism

We all need to borrow from each other’s cultures
Mutual influencings have enriched the arts for centuries — so why is ‘appropriation’ such a dirty word?

Which was the best year to be a globalist?
Somewhere between the boom years and the Great Recession was a time that we’ll look back on with nostalgia

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Care is needed in navigating privacy concerns about customer data

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The rules for delivering a successful megaproject are devastatingly simple

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Italian budget stand-off

Maths is a potential life changer — from wages to dating
If you love sums, the chances are you’re good with money too

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Markets Insight: Next investing hazard are bets on a ‘noflation’ world
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My new alarm clock will be a wake-up call for Silicon Valley
Buck the trend and buy the biggest, loudest and most medieval one you can find

Markets Insight: Oil market’s calm masks signs of stormy trading ahead
Frazzled investors should not relax despite Saudi’s pledge to boost crude supplies

City Insider: LSE to go ahead with Saudi investment event
Group had hoped to win proposed whopping IPO of state oil company Saudi Aramco

Lombard: BT’s new chief tries to send a message on pay and commitment
New boss Philip Jansen to put his money where his job is

Lex: Boutique banks: No excuses
Stock prices are implying a deal bust that bankers are ignoring

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The FT View: For investors, risks are becoming hard to ignore
In a dismal few weeks for markets, a broad adjustment is under way

The FT View: America’s Democrats need to set out what they stand for
Being defined entirely through opposition to Donald Trump is not enough

The Big Read

The Big Read: Dyson: a British inventor pivots to Asia
With one eye on the Chinese market, the British company is set to produce electric cars in Singapore. Will the £2bn gamble pay off?

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