Tickets for the London Olympic Games 2012 go on sale on Tuesday. The question is, what to book? Here’s our not quite definitive guide.

1. The opening ceremony

Everybody’s favourite, for reasons that escape me. Enter the ballot; win; give tickets to your richest business associate in exchange for a favour – a share of a gold field, a villa in Tuscany; go to Tuscany (or the pub) instead. Olympic Stadium, July 27, £20-£2,012

2. 100m final

At £725, that’s about £80 per second of entertainment. Advice as above. Olympic Stadium, August 5, £50-£725

3. Men’s basketball final

Truly one of the great Olympic occasions. North Greenwich Arena, aka the Dome, August 12, £95-£425

4. Men’s 10m platform diving final

If the races were that exciting, swimming would be a major spectator sport between Olympics, too. But the diving offers a genuine build-up of tension; an aesthetic appeal; a chance for patriotic excitement about Plymouth prodigy Tom Daley. Aquatic centre, August 11, £50-£450

5. Women’s marathon

Reflect that until 1960 women were considered too delicate to run even 800m in the Olympics; marvel at how much the world has changed; thank heaven you don’t have to run it yourself. The Mall, August 5, £20-£50

6. Beach volleyball

No, you may not just ogle the women and go for tea when the men come on. This is a serious sport! It must be. It’s in the Olympics, isn’t it? Horse Guards Parade, July 28-August 9, £20-£450

7. Women’s gymnastics final

This is different. This is art. North Greenwich Arena, August 2, £50-£450

8. Handball

Learn the rules, wallow in a cosmopolitan subculture and what will be an almost entirely Brit-free zone, start to enjoy it even. Handball and Basketball Arenas, July 28-August 12, £20-£125

9. Dressage

Watch for 10 minutes, admire the horses, get bored, go for a nice walk. Greenwich Park, August 2, 3, 7, 9, £20-£275

10. Track cycling

Patriotic fervour will run wild, at least until the British discover other countries have started to catch up. Pretty exciting stuff anyway. Velodrome, August 2-7, £20-£325

Matthew Engel has reported from four summer and two winter Olympics;

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