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Donald Trump regained his electoral footing in the second presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. The candidates traded sharp barbs, with Mr Trump at one point threatening to jail Mrs Clinton if he was elected president. The comment, unsurprisingly, elicited gasps of horror from across the Twittersphere, which was active in record numbers.

The former secretary of state, meanwhile, assailed Mr Trump over his treatment of women and minorities, saying a 2005 video in which the mogul discussed groping women was more evidence that he was not fit to be president.

A post-debate poll handed victory to Mrs Clinton but pundits say that despite the toxic rhetoric — and the continued fallout from the leaked video — Mr Trump has staunched his two-week fall in the polls. (FT, Twitter, YouGov, WaPo)

In the news

Deutsche Bank favouritism The German lender was given special treatment by the European Central Bank in summer stress tests that promised to restore faith in Europe’s banks. Deutsche has been using the results of the July stress tests as evidence of its healthy finances. The bank’s share price has fallen as much as 22 per cent in recent weeks on fears of a $14bn US fine. (FT)

Isis ‘loses quarter of territory’ The terrorist group has lost more than a quarter of the territory it once held, according to new data. In the first nine months of this year, its territory fell from 78,000 sq km to 65,500 sq km — an area equivalent to the size of Sri Lanka. (BBC)

Matthew’s toll rises in Haiti The Haitian death toll of Hurricane Matthew has passed 1,000, as authorities reach areas that were cut off in the aftermath of the storm. The authorities have begun burying the dead in mass graves and fear that there could be an outbreak of cholera because of contaminated water. (Jazeera)

German terror suspect detained After a two-day manhunt German police captured a 22-year-old Syrian refugee who is alleged to have been planning a bomb attack. Several hundred grammes of explosives were found in the Leipzig apartment where Jaber Albakr was captured. (Reuters)

Samsung halts phone production The South Korean tech group has temporarily halted production of its troubled Galaxy Note 7 after replacements for the fire-prone model have also reportedly caught fire. It is the latest setback for the company as it struggles to manage a massive recall of 2.5m smartphones. (WSJ)

It's a big day for

Economics Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmströms have won the Nobel Prize for economics. The Nobel committee praised the pair for their “contributions to contract theory”. (FT)

Food for thought

India's battle with the bottle A new push for prohibition threatens one of the biggest untapped drinks markets in the world. (FT)

The Maoist dream Nepal’s decade-long civil war may be over but many Maoist fighters are ready to fight again, according to a deeply reported, interactive look at the mountain state. (Al Jazeera)

Europe’s healthcare on life support The continent’s state-funded healthcare systems are reeling from a combination of ageing populations, stagnating funding and rising chronic disease levels due to unhealthy lifestyles. But they can be saved. (Politico.eu)

How US torture left a legacy of damaged minds As they were advocating a terrifying way of interrogating prisoners that included beatings, sleep deprivation and other brutal tactics, government lawyers and intelligence officials assured themselves that none of it would cause long-lasting psychological harm. They were wrong, and the consequences have been devastating. (NYT)

Reviving a centre of learning India’s Nalanda university was a renowned centre of Buddhist studies between the 5th and 12th centuries. A new initiative has revived the university, close to its original location in Bihar state. (NAR)

Video of the day

The week ahead Nalini Sivathasan previews upcoming stories, including Vladimir Putin's visit to Turkey, the publication of minutes from September's Federal Reserve rate-setting meeting, and Sony releasing its PlayStation virtual reality headset. (FT)

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